The Guilty Dreamer

Thus you must not, ever again sleep
For into your mind and dreams I will creep
Haunting your thoughts here and there
Leaving you upright in the dark with a stare
Wondering what it was you had dreamed
And if the passion was all that it seemed…

Alone, waiting for the morning sun
Her body was quite sore from the fun
Aches and glitches in her ailing hips
Smeared blush and lipstick stained lips
Was it her own passion fueling her desire
Or was he really becoming her sire

Where was the line of fantasy and horror
Was he just evil, or a truthful suitor?
Could she demand a release from her passion
Could he lock her forever into his fashion
Was it possible to reject her own wishes
Was she merely in a school of his fishes

One of many, just one of the flock
Straining over the feel of his cock
Dreaming of being impaled yet one more time
Passion strained thoughts without a rhyme
Her head swirled at the thought of his smile
Loins dripping heavily all of the while

Was this only passion enflaming her soul
With no linear thoughts, she just didn’t know
So back to sleep as his thoughts made it clear
She would remain for his bidding right here
Waiting for his return to her bed
Forsaking the rest of her life like he said

Only to him could she respond to alas
Thinking of his backside, his well-muscled ass
Driving like a piston, inflaming her sex
Dreaming and hoping that it soon would be next
But then she awoke, her hand in herself
Quickly she reached for relief on the shelf
How could a dream be so vividly real?
Her fulfilled passion, her dreams it did steal

A shower or two, the time nearly forgotten
Quite embarrassed, she felt very rotten
Having a dream so intense, so passion filled
Knowing it could only have been self-willed
Although filled with guilt she dreamed even more
Of the man without a name drifting through her door
Taking her like no man had ever done, with such heat
Yet knowing that it was a dream, that they’d never meet.

Barbara Blackcinder

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It’s a swirling pond that I’m swimming in
Just drifting along and around
A green plant floats by with a limb
Never quite coming aground

The water is calm, it’s surface benign
I pass by with the other flotsam
Other pieces float and spin before and behind
Wandering freely just as I am

The river is slow but always on the move
Into the ocean where it will disperse
Towards the end of its run of its riverbed groove
I’ll drift along accepting this curse

Into the expanse of calmer seas
Floating more slowly than ever before
Riding the waves with a slight breeze
No notice taken as I wash from the shore

Only I question what I see, where I go
Will I return from this fanciful ride
Disappearing over the waves so slow
Following the calmest wash of the tide

All is silent, no noises to hear now
Even the waves have come to a halt
I have no vessel, no wave washed brow
Just flat water, no churning assault

In quietness I lay me to sleep
Drifting along without a forecast
Floating above the ocean so deep
Wondering how long this silence will last

Barbara Blackcinder

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1,2,3,4, Let Me Tell You More

Let me make a fool of you
And let me count the ways
I’m counting rather quickly
Before I’m overcome by haze

Belief in a spirit man
Because he tells you so
Believe in what he tells you
Because only he does know
Do not question his authority
Just believe and let it go
You are only mortal beings
Seeing what’s beyond what you can show

Believe in a rotten book
Filled with immoral demands
Follow it because it says so
Sculptured by so many hands
Believe in its revisions
It’s still the same human plan
If you can’t just reject the old
You must accept changes made by man

Because of all the changes allowed
Let me change religions to one that’s for me
Then I will make those mine also
Let me select beliefs from what I see
The whole thing doesn’t matter
Reject the parts that I disagree
It’s just a change in the show
It doesn’t matter, I will believe

Tell me who or what doesn’t fit
Tell me quickly because I can’t wait
And I’ll dismiss them when I can
For those of you who do not hate
But only chastise without word
I’ll limit myself to discriminate
Once again letting others tell me
What to do while I await

There has never been and never will
Be any proof of life beyond
Such hopes have always been
Like fading ripples in a pond
Now you seen them, now you don’t
Waving the lily pads and fronds
Reality says that it was true
But was it made by God that you are fond?

Barbara Blackcinder

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They say that life is short I know
I’ve heard me say the same
But usually it seems really long
When some things are to blame
When politicians rant about
Claiming they have a brain
When if we stop buying their crap
We would have the most to gain

When we see that we can produce
Enough to feed the world with ease
Yet they cheat and steal to be rich
Shoving others to their knees
Holding back supplies and goods
Until profits could be reaped
Letting people die for naught
Their money piled high and steeped

Passing rules that benefit few
When the majority suffers most
Keeping the greediest elite rich
That suffer least yet boast
Their cronies listen to compete
To learn the crooked trade
How to trample with their feet
To ignore guilt and make it fade

The only truth there is is man
We have only ourselves to treat
Both gods and princes of greed
Can only give us life’s defeat
Instead of serving only one man’s good
To make everyone benefit instead
Treating all races, sorts and kinds
To get honesty through their head

Barbara Blackcinder

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Never Everlasting

The end is never made so clear
As a death announcement that you hear
The coming of all things done
Leaving you alone, once again one
No matter how many relations you have
Each is special, a soothing salve
But then there’s the end of it all
No longer can events be stalled
There are no more possibilities
Only the settings of finalities
An end to hopes and things that may
Occur for the positive on a good day
But all is suddenly swept by the side
Secret wishes have no reason to hide
Just disappointments of nevers-to-be
Things dreamed of but never to see
All washed away forever and ever
Washed over the brink of never

Barbara Blackcinder

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How do you break it, to a friend

That not believing, is not the end

Letting that Bronze-aged text go

Is the truthful word, that I send


By all means believe, in yourself first

If, for spirituality, is what you thirst

But don’t rely on a decrepit old book

That man for 2000 years, has nursed


All morality, written down or not

Comes from man, it’s what we’ve got

Even the book from which you quote

Was written by man, and edited a lot


So put your faith, in fellow man

Still making it up, as best we can

Changing rules and morals too

In an imperfect world, humanly ran


Barbara Blackcinder

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Digging A Hole

Well she’s down on her knees and digging hard
A desperate attempt to improve her yard
Gouging out a hole to fill with fish
It’s been her whole long winter’s wish

Dig, dig, dig, throw that dirt high
Don’t stop for the observer asking why
Toss it in the air with the scoop of a shovel
Give them poor wet fish a glorious hovel

Oh dirt gets under her fingernails
Just ruining her cuticles too
But its survival in the neighborhood
Making it a haven for fishes and you…

Dig, dig, dig, throw that dirt high
Don’t stop for the observer asking why
Toss it in the air with the scoop of a shovel
Give them poor wet fish a glorious hovel

Barbara Blackcinder

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