Once A Child


Once a bully, he chastises at will

Though eagerly wanting more

There is no limit and no fill

Completed, he’s out of the door


She’s a fairy, a real dreamer

Looking for life so pretty

She will be crushed but cannot change

Finished, her life’s but a pity


Reclused, withdrawn, within himself

So young to be faced with derision

Held in place from within and without

Arrayed, it wasn’t his decision


And so the children are formed by day

Their minds and opinions steadied

Too young to understand their roles

Too early in life, not so readied


The mind of a child, so open and free

Many times closed by other’s opinions

Stunted and turned within

Not by conscious decisions


Like the child, to enter Heaven

The mind must be free to explore

Open to all that can be seen

Without a confronting door


Barbara Blackcinder

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Sad In the Middle


It’s so sad in the middle

But it is where we stand

Seeking time where we are

But not being on firm land


We can see our past times

Things we loved and hate

The future is to be seen

And for some we cannot wait


It’s a little bit of landscape

Our feet can hardly stay in place

It’s sadness to the front or rear

So many things we cannot face


Regrets of the past can be seen

But memories lurk in our dreams

So many paths there are

But so many are just schemes


We hope our past will guide us

Instead of end morose

But knowing the truth that’s likely

Wishful thinking is all we boast


It is sadness to our past

And a sadness looking ahead

There is only our present standing

For happiness in their stead



Barbara  Blackcinder


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Hopeless Days


Alas, oh yes, it is hopeless to see

That you will never agree with me

There is a doubt that you will always have

No amount of time will offer a salve

For you are restricted by your own will

And of changes now, you have your fill

Nothing can change your opinion pool

I simply have not gotten the proper tool


So I will go on with the faintest of hope

You will not be tied, no matter the rope

A change is something obscure and remote

I simply have nothing in my tool tote

On and on without any correction

No alterations or change of direction

A faint glimmer appears over time

But is shattered quickly without rhyme


So life is constant, an unbroken string

And so little now does it mean anything

Just a line of days taken in a row

Where it ceases I surely don’t know

But it seems that it will be a relief

Since daily life is a flood of grief

With no hope of a shining star

However long, it will be too far



Barbara Blackcinder

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The weave they say is the real way

To fit into the tapestry

To get into the real world today

Is to be woven is how I see


To coordinate, to assimilate

To fit without obtrusion

To be looking really great

To not be a visual obstruction


We all need to be knitted, and fitted

To be blended into the mass

Then we will all be benefitted

To be obscure beneath the looking glass


But I don’t fit, and I won’t quit

This life although it’s tiring

There is nothing available without it

Yet merging isn’t of my desiring


I have my wishes, my fetishes

My twisted personality traits

My developed and liked niches

To fill me, to satiate


Despite my fit, or the lack of it

I must walk alongside

It’s not something that I can quit

And so I’m forced to hide


Until I see, the change towards me

When life adapts my way

Until then I’ll just have to be

The best that I can be today


Without fitting in, it’s not a sin

To be different after all

A tapestry is how to win

Where our differences can all stand tall


Barbara Blackcinder

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Is It Finished


It is finished, long from begun

The stories been told

Battles lost and won


But there is an afterword

There is more to come

Many tales yet to be heard


We must continue sailing on

Across the bay of life

Who’s existence we don


There is no telling which way to go

What may or may not be fulfilling

No real way to figure it so


The past has been won or lost

Just a notebook closed

No good figuring of the cost


A tally of little importance now

Nothing sacred nor profound

No reason to gloat or to bow


Just days towards no known end

Filled with contentment and hopes

Our souls we now send


Barbara Blackcinder

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Reach Out and Duck


Why not be a hero

Or take it on the lamb

Why not just speak outright

And let your actions slam


Give in to your dreaming

Make it to the apex

Give yourself a hand

May the mountain be your next


But those are dreams and wishes

All the things you think of doing

Limited by reality and cost

As short-lived as the tune you sing


There is never time enough

Or the natural ability

Many are there limits

As you go you’ll surely see


In the beginning you dream

No sky that can’t be reached

No limits to your ardor

No hull that can’t be breached


But time and time again

We battle with our limits

Can we overcome them

And blow them all to bits?


Here is for the attempt

To gain your every whim

And hoping you success

Without losing a limb


Barbara Blackcinder

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My Discriminatory Behavior


I am so asked, by my wife today

Why I care if I’m not gay

Well I tried to tell her time and again

That to be right I don’t have to be that way


What I care about is reasonable and simple

I care about people no matter their ilk

Over the concerns of corporations

Who lie to bed themselves in silk


And governments, hardly different at all

Get no vote if they persecute

I don’t make light of them wearing

Their religiousness under their suit


How can it be that over thousands of years

It is always the different one first

Who is ridiculed, harassed and burned

When happiness is their only thirst


So I stand up for the solitary soul

With others that need compassion

Just to move themselves happily along

When hatred is the current fashion


Barbara Blackcinder

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