Reach Out and Duck


Why not be a hero

Or take it on the lamb

Why not just speak outright

And let your actions slam


Give in to your dreaming

Make it to the apex

Give yourself a hand

May the mountain be your next


But those are dreams and wishes

All the things you think of doing

Limited by reality and cost

As short-lived as the tune you sing


There is never time enough

Or the natural ability

Many are there limits

As you go you’ll surely see


In the beginning you dream

No sky that can’t be reached

No limits to your ardor

No hull that can’t be breached


But time and time again

We battle with our limits

Can we overcome them

And blow them all to bits?


Here is for the attempt

To gain your every whim

And hoping you success

Without losing a limb


Barbara Blackcinder

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My Discriminatory Behavior


I am so asked, by my wife today

Why I care if I’m not gay

Well I tried to tell her time and again

That to be right I don’t have to be that way


What I care about is reasonable and simple

I care about people no matter their ilk

Over the concerns of corporations

Who lie to bed themselves in silk


And governments, hardly different at all

Get no vote if they persecute

I don’t make light of them wearing

Their religiousness under their suit


How can it be that over thousands of years

It is always the different one first

Who is ridiculed, harassed and burned

When happiness is their only thirst


So I stand up for the solitary soul

With others that need compassion

Just to move themselves happily along

When hatred is the current fashion


Barbara Blackcinder

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Ignorance Can Be Overcome


You laugh so hard at my ignorant plea

When I admit that I just don’t know

But I must fume as I know what I see

As ignorance you force me to show


Ignorance is but a fact of life

There are many things yet to learn

But you stifle knowledge with your strife

Pleading faith as your wisdom’s turn


But stupidity should never confuse

Ignorance which can be overcome

I learn to grow by accepting news

And striving never to be dumb


So snicker at me for my true claim

That everything is not yet known

And I’ll wish that you will learn the same

When intelligence within you has grown


Barbara Blackcinder

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 Valentine’s Day


Oh valentine how sweet thou are

You tickle my every thought

You captivate my waking hour

Such happiness you have wrought


Clouds of reddened hearts appear

Whenever my mind rests on you

Knowing that you are near

As soft as a morning dew


And such a day that comes but once

A year to celebrate your beauty

I become as mindless as a dunce

To serve your every duty


To sing your praises through the day

Is nothing but a wish for me

Through the clouds of red hearts

There is nothing but you that I see


And so I close this bit of verse

To recollect and to admire

From my belittling self-directed curse

To see you shine through that mire.


Barbara Blackcinder

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I know it’s true, of me I speak

That no matter my stature

I am generally weak


I never seem to get it right

No matter what it is

I’m always facing night


I was late to understand

What I was all about

Always in a naive land


Late to discover girls it seems

Too busy stumbling through

Anticipatory but false dreams


I never discovered what to do

With my life coming up

Unlike many, most of you


I had no passion to discover

What it was that drove me

On my mind was something other


Always too shy to display

Any future after school

What would become my way


Sports were beyond question

Stumbling was more my style

Even with my speedy run


Always afraid to be seen

As what I might become

And always seeming green


Nothing has changed over years

I discover now what I’m not

And cry those regretful tears.


Barbara Blackcinder

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The Dynamic Duo


Such a pact of such a duo

Running the state of affairs

The truthlessness of politics

And the force of religious heirs


The first have no traditions

Everything old is a lie

The latter have a godhead

Speak against and you will die


The only beliefs believed in

Are those that help the cause

To condescend and ridicule

With pseudo-religious laws


Truth in the former is vacant

Myths are the soul of the past

Lies combine and flourish

Just so the others can last


Fiction is the lasting tradition

All are nothing but belief

Some intentionally not real

But all result in saddened grief


We no longer hold to truths

As much as it has evidence

It doesn’t matter its honesty

If it makes religious or political sense


So now we have a combination

Of lies held to gain the end

There is no justification

To disaster or hell they will send


Barbara Blackcinder

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The Purposeless Railroad


So sad, so sad, that’s what I feel

In a life that is at best surreal

Wanting to be known for myself

But endlessly sitting upon a shelf


Looking outward with great eyesight

Not encumbered by day or night

But having no light to illuminate

Where to place my sightless fate


Long ago the flash went out

Chilled by the soundless shout

Hidden in brush and random trees

A solemn forest upon my knees


A shelter always sought and won

Going unseen by every one

Lost in the shuffle of my very feet

Unable to handle the pained retreat


Never given instructions for life

Moving along the rails of strife

I continue until the end is near

Knowing no progress in leaving here


Barbara Blackcinder

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