Did you ever? No I daren’t

I might crash to the ground

Could I ever? No I shalln’t

No happiness could be found


But dare I might, risk I do

Just may be a cure

It’s hard to say, yea or nay

One can never be sure


Bruised skin, broken limbs

Now I’ll know my fate

Nothing really has befallen me

Risk taken wasn’t too great


Barbara Blackcinder

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A Walk


Among the trees my strides are taken

Crunching sticks and falls

Crackling from boots lethargically placed

Oblivious to them all


Eyes search with careless designs

Viewing whatever may be

Bringing the natural all around

Enjoyment is all that I see


With dereliction towards intent

I wander without design

Passing time without doubt

Ecstasy is surely mine


Barbara Blackcinder

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The Candy Kids


It was a scene right out of Rockwell

So cute it almost tasted sweet

Children running to the drug store

On the quickest and tiniest of feet


Soon the door they shoved open

It’s weight being only a delay

For everyone got a nickel from mom

It’s a pocketful of candy today


Smiles and grins, a few missing teeth

But all with their faces pressed hard

Against the glass of the display case

Where children were never barred


Give me some red or maybe some black

As gooey and sweet as can be

But just as you were about to pick

There was something else there to see


Maybe a sucker, perhaps a gumball

That chocolate sure does look good

I’m not sure, let me look again

Fingers smearing the glass and wood


Little white bags in the grocer’s hand

Dropping candy into rustling paper

We turn and run down wood floors

We’re gone through the door like vapor


We group again, in a park or at school

To discuss what we have in our sacks

Which candy is chewiest or sweetest

Our anticipation never slacks


Barbara Blackcinder

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Under a Pillow or Cloud



Here’s a flash, just for you

Or should I say for me

I’m not quite what you think

I’m not quite what you see


It seems that I’m a writer

A purveyor of words you know

Someone who juggles words

But hardly lets it show


But that is not the secret

It’s not the only claim

I also want to be recognized

Just a little bit of fame


No it’s not for profit

It seems it’s late for that

This longing for recognition

Is something on which I’ve sat


Okay it’s not a secret

Anyone would want the same

It common for anyone expressive

To also want be known by name


In fact it’s only hidden

By its lack of presentation

This self-induced denial

Obscured by hesitation


So I would like to someday see

A single publication some day

That brings someone happiness

Before they go their way


So there you have my secret

Though not a revelation

Just another bit of exposure

Another bit of exploration


Barbara Blackcinder


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Those Children of the Past


Not so very long it seems

I watched the children of my dreams

Those of mine who I possessed

Who sometimes would give no rest


They are in dreams of mine today

Those years having gone away

No longer young, in memory now

More years gone by than I’ll allow


I remember them in childish glee

The greatest sight I could ever see

Being children and nothing more

Enthralled to visit each little store


A family sometimes too busy to see

But for their surrounding of me

Full of joy and aspirations

And yes sometimes exasperations


But in a new light, that of age

We see them with the eyes of a sage

As they pass through all their trials

But always filling us with smiles


May those days never disappear

Those joyful giggles we still can hear

And although we see them less these days

They are in our hearts now and always


Barbara Blackcinder

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A Certain Death


It seems so calm, so quiet and serene

No flags or banners in the wind

A cloud drifts by, a peaceful scene

It builds and fills the sky in


But all was not so a moment ago

Calm was nowhere to be found

Moments ago I ran to and fro

Hiding and scurrying on the ground


Moments ago it was a battle

A tug of war with lethal tools

In the middle of our breakfast prattle

A challenge for surviving fools


They came upon us with their steel

Their bombs and bullets too

With a single purpose, just one deal

To eliminate both me and you


Our meal tins were scattered

As was a head next to my friend

My own sleeve with skin was tattered

Surely to hell they sought to send


Like hunted insects we flew all around

Trying to avoid the thundering blasts

Out of our crevasse and over a mound

Hoping that maybe some of us would last


I seemed to clear of the carnage then

A small indent in the field I lay

My ears were silent even when

That cloud and others moved away


I saw the face I did not recognize

I glimpsed the face of a friend

But it was with these unmoving eyes

Staring emptily without a clear end


I thought to move just a little

But my body was calm and at rest

My mouth emitted some spittle

I thought to lay still was the best


And the dirt it blew into my face

A dusting of sand in my view

But the passage of time did replace

That dirt with the morning dew


I lay there still when the returning clouds

Became dim with a darkened edge

The sun gave them pinkish shrouds

While I thought to jump up over a ledge


Never did I feel the shell

That rested in my spine

There was no burning hell

To signal this death of mine


I lay calmly now under the sky

Just another once living creature

Shadows passing over where I die

Hoping for a solution, a wishful cure


With a trace of fear, one of regret

That wars will never cease

I know that man’s ways are set

But I can only rest in my peace


Barbara Blackcinder


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A Murderous May

(Rhymed to the tune of  ‘The Merry Merry Month of May’)


Well it wasn’t such a happy day

It was horrible in every way

I was assaulted by my wife

While she held a wicked knife

In which she hoped I’d pass away


But the knife didn’t seem to do me in

She held another with ideas of sin

It was in her arms he was

And my head was all abuzz

It was my own beloved twin


I tried to say that I was shocked

But soon the door behind me locked

He hit me with a shovel

Which seemed to be no trouble

And my head was thoroughly knocked


While I lay there on the floor that day

In the not so splendid month of May

They took me by surprise

And with bloodied painful eyes

They went about their merry way


Well I came to with a throbbing head

But there was nothing that could be said

I staggered though the home

Bloodied as I did roam

Because they thought that I was dead


But the truth was that I was only hurt

As I wandered in my bloody shirt

I went to hunt them down

To put them in the ground

As long as I could stay alert


But there was irony around that day

As it tried to have my say

When I walked into their room

It suddenly did loom

That I had simply lost my way


I was at my brother’s house you see

Which was a shock to her by me

She thought I wanted an affair

Which was why she stopped me there

So she stabbed my side and soon did flee


Since she had pierced my skin

He assumed defense she’d stuck it in

So he went with her thought

With a shovel he did wrought

To stop me from causing any sin


But this time he was more prepared

On the floor I lay while they just stared

Soon to expire from his gun

And knew I was soon to be done

But this is how they soon fared


It turns out I was having an affair

And that was why I was there

But in defense of herself from me

As my brother was there you see

And I was without my underwear


But it didn’t go so well that day

When we were found undressed that way

You see she was in a gown

That tumbled to the ground

When he returned home to play


So now his eyes returned to her

Why she was naked he couldn’t be sure

So he shot her too

For what she intended to do

It seemed like a justifiable cure


Because all along my wife he knew

When I was gone he would pursue

He’d meet her in my bed

Now that I was surely dead

He would take her revengefully too


But it was so unfortunate for him

That my wife would not allow his whim

She pulled a gun to shoot him dead

For the things that he had said

While he did some grabbing at her limb



Well it turns out I wasn’t quite dead

I healthily recovered instead

And I returned to my wife

Without a lot more strife

Our relatives shot full of lead


And I wasn’t led astray that day

In the not so merry month of May

I went to my brother’s door

As many times before

By mistaken address as they say


When I walked into the room

A twin sister to my wife did loom

She filled me full of lust

As my wife I fully trust

Which ended up full of gloom


But the story doesn’t end right there

It seems he just parted her hair

His wife hadn’t quite died

As she collapsed at my side

And we both laid around quite bare


My twin brother I soon forgave

As my life he eventually did save

He returned from my wife

With his own fragile life

And kept me from an early grave


The police were there that day

But there was nothing they could say

With no sense to all the mess

Who killed who was all a guess

And the case they had to throw away


So to solve any more troubles in May

We both moved farther away

And when we visit for a day

A quick call will pave our way

And it will be a merry merry day in May


Barbara Blackcinder

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