It Waits for No One

Wait, take hold, and hesitate
For fear of what time does hold
Knowing of its inevitability
Yet never being completely told
Our lessons have come in many forms
Some painful, some bringing joy
Yet we can only somewhat control
And manipulate its ceaseless ploy
We cherish the times of happiness
And cringe in the face of fear
Always knowing that we will continue
With hesitant steps from here
We know that there is more to come
From what direction is never known
Usually the answers are in our future
When we have lived and grown
To stop is not an alternative
It is only an attempt not to see
We must be as time is always
A continuance of inevitably

Barbara Blackcinder

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Gliding Across Time

The newscasters are all getting older
The movie stars are passing from view
I hesitate to look in the mirror
There’s no doubt that I’m aging too

Another fall season approaches
You can see it in the leaves on the trees
A cool breeze blows around your ankles
And a chill causes a quake in your knees

But between the gusts there is silence
A pause in the wind howling and blowing
Where the snap of the creek tosses
Chilling the rocks it’s overflowing

Soon there will be a layer of ice
So thickened until shiny and hard
And children with skates will come running
From every direction and backyard

So many colorful socks and hats
Adorning the youth as they fly
Across the ice as I watch them
Passing over the scene with my eye

I might be enticed to step out and join them
Though carefully with a guided speed
It takes only a few gliding steps now
With memories it’s all I need

Barbara Blackcinder

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Inevitable Is Sometimes Painful

Perhaps the most ill-fated words are
Till death do we part
For it cannot perceive and predict
The changes in the heart
Even though it begins with sincerity
Good faith all along
Seldom does life produce
A flawless song
How often is it that it doesn’t last
As well as expected
No matter how faithfully it all
Is orchestrated
Everyone changes one way or the other
With no menu of forecast
Only hopes dreams and wishes
Sincerity won’t always make it last

Barbara Blackcinder

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No Questions Please

Please don’t ask me where I’ve been
Or what I have been doing
You don’t believe me in any case
You always ask who I’ve been screwing
I answer you as best I can
Because I have nothing to hide
I am not seeing anyone ever
There is no one off to the side

Please don’t ask about sex either
I don’t have any anywhere
The closest I ever come
Is at someone at whom I stare
And no I am not gay also
I’ve never had that inclination
I am not even interested slightly
I say this without slightest hesitation

Please don’t think I’m immoral
Just because there is no God to fear
I still pay attention to right and wrong
It’s still fairness and justice I hear
I am not in league with the demons
To him I haven’t sold my soul
I just want to live the life I have
And I don’t choose afterlife as a goal

And so with these spoken grievances
I have laid out things that you ask
I don’t want them repeated forever
I have again dropped off my face mask
These are true and I have repeated them
Many times though you never hear
To listen to them endlessly onward
It’s these repetitions I hatefully fear

Barbara Blackcinder

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The Guilty Dreamer

Thus you must not, ever again sleep
For into your mind and dreams I will creep
Haunting your thoughts here and there
Leaving you upright in the dark with a stare
Wondering what it was you had dreamed
And if the passion was all that it seemed…

Alone, waiting for the morning sun
Her body was quite sore from the illicit fun
Aches and glitches in her ailing hips
Smeared blush and lipstick stained lips
Was it her own passion fueling her desire
Or was he really becoming her sire

Where was the line of fantasy and horror
Was he just evil, or a truthful suitor?
Could she demand a release from her passion
Could he lock her forever into his fashion
Was it possible to reject her own wishes
Was she merely in a school of his fishes

One of many, just one of the flock
Straining over the feel of his cock
Dreaming of being impaled yet one more time
Passion strained thoughts without a rhyme
Her head swirled at the thought of his smile
Loins dripping heavily all of the while

Was this only passion enflaming her soul
With no linear thoughts, she just didn’t know
So back to sleep as his thoughts made it clear
She would remain for his bidding right here
Waiting for his return to her bed
Forsaking the rest of her life as he said

Only to him could she respond to alas
Thinking of his backside, his well-muscled ass
Driving like a piston, inflaming her sex
Dreaming and hoping that it soon would be next
But then she awoke, her hand in herself
Quickly she reached for relief on the shelf
How could a dream be so vividly real?
Her fulfilled passion, her dreams it did steal

A shower or two, the time nearly forgotten
Quite embarrassed, she felt smelly and rotten
Having a dream so intense, so passion filled
Knowing it could only have been self-willed
Although filled with guilt she dreamed even more
Of the man without a name drifting through her door
Taking her like no man had ever done, with such heat
Yet knowing that it was a dream, that they’d never meet.

Barbara Blackcinder

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Heaviness and Silence

A dark so deep, it is like a shell
Enclosing me within my skin’s depth
Blinding my eyes just as well
But breathing, still not death

A stillness that brings no sound
A silent fullness fills my ear
No footsteps upon the ground
Only my breathing do I hear

Even my skin feels the moist air wet
Touching every pore with dampness
Moisture filled droplets of sweat
I shiver with the cold clamminess

It is quiet this trickle of rain
Something inside not to be shown
A sobbing loss I have felt again
Chilling thoughts of pain I’ve known

Barbara Blackcinder

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Kilmer Replanted


I think that when I view a tree

Lovely as a poem I surely see


A tree whose gorgeous loft is seen

Who gives Earth its leafy sheen


A tree whose beauty we see all day

Holds its arms out for you and me


A tree that shades us on summer days

With rustling leaves in an autumn haze


Heavily laden with snow and frost

With none of its beauty ever lost


Poems are written to show a tree

Growing solely to impress me


Barbara Blackcinder

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