The Windmill

Is it a windmill without any wind,
Or a gear without the connecting cogs
Is it just spinning, this writing effort
Just another series of endless blogs

I feel a wind blowing at my back
Still pushing me forward in time
Regardless of many missing links
The absence of meaningful rhymes

I talk into the wind blowing in my face
Informing no one with my concern
It’s not that I think I have special knowledge
Perhaps it is I that has yet to learn

Spending my remaining time quite uselessly
Still hoping for a change in the breeze
Maybe it’s to get the wheels turning again
Ending the stagnation and eventual freeze

Barbara Blackcinder

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Liars, Liars, Everyone

The good book sayeth that, least we judge
Before we comment and silently shrug
We should give the time to budge
For a little introspective hug
To see inside when we have been wrong
When our lies we dishonestly dug

Remembering when we were in error
Stumbling to make ourselves believe
Knowing the truth, and in terror
Fighting so that others wouldn’t perceive
That we are the deceitful bearer
Of the many times we have deceived

And in the light of that awareness
Any judgment that we may bestow
May be tempered by selfishness
And lighten our own very heavy load
To see through eyes with gentleness
Before we proclaim another a toad

Barbara Blackcinder

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I used to believe in fate, how good it could really be
But life also has in it hate, and so it was not so good to me
We started life in synch, paired for winning it all
Heaven made I used to think, but life began to fall
Doubt entered the stage, causing turmoil and mistrust
We became two in rage, wondered where our love went bust
Of course it was determined, we could not remain in denials
We blew apart with heated words, sending our thoughts into trials
Without the love left only fear, troubled thoughts always so near
The clamor was all we could hear, and we were finished, out of gear
So the truth of fate it was clear to see, it was inside of us
There was nothing more for you and me, but a small trifle of lust
Still attracted to one another, but not more than our fate
Honesty just couldn’t smother, and it hadn’t long to wait
For the drift became a chasm, our lives separated completely now
No more flowing momentum, just a trail that fate would allow

Barbara Blackcinder

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Moments with Gaps

I spent my life from one time to another
With necessary events in between
There were the times I cried because I was alone
Until it was time to go home once again

I found some friends and I played with them
And sat alone afterward, wondering if it had been true
I sit by myself waiting for someone to appear
But the drizzle was the only thing due

I remember being alone here and there
Sitting here, sitting there, walking by
I was alone all these times, seldom escorted
I remember them more than any fun between them

I’ve looked over many railings, wondering if…
The wind blew in my face while on a roof
I dared not stray too close to the edge of it
I threatened but dared not lean too far over

It might have been fear, or just depression
Or just not caring enough to jump over
I’m still here, and glad that I am
But I’m alone, as I’ve always been

Barbara Blackcinder

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Passed On

The day has passed, as many have
Time wasted and ignored
Potential wasted, thrown away
Not even a memory stored

At the time, it was too hard
To wake myself up for a change
So I sat, not content just bored
Any task, was too far out of range

So I sit empty now, with only regret
That nothing was done that day
Filled with sadness, knowing I let
pass a future with something to say

Days still go by, too many I see
Nothing gained, and something missed
The only work required for me?
To start the future with a better list

Barbara Blackcinder

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I Am Not The Devil

I am an atheist, but not the devil
Although those religious might say
I don’t worship the devil or a god
I simply live life day to day
Nor do I live in the afterlife
Where moral judgements have their say
I don’t believe in heaven either
Like our bodies, our souls simply pass away

This may be tough to consider
No final reward or retribution in the end
Not a single choice of destination
A place for our spiritual souls to send
Earth to earth as they say in the book
Even though it says differently when
Reading many other parts of the same one
When other judgements and lifestyles were trends

I don’t float around in the shallows
With nothing to guide me but sin
No heavenly cloud to depend on
Nor tremendously sized boat to sail in
Just as other folks, religious or not, also live
Making payments and hoping to win
The great lottery of happiness and life
Before the great separation does begin

So put away your halos and crosses
Don’t give me your judgements to bear
I’ve seen into your scarred background
Where your beliefs were started back there
When people were all super superstitious
Making things up to deal with hardships and to bear
Just as the newest ‘quote’ religion around here
Has unwavering faith in their holy underwear

Barbara Blackcinder

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Hitchen’s Bronzed Timeline

It was precisely, 100,000 years ago or so
That man decided to make this planet his own
There was murder, there was rape, all the while
Even genocide just to keep folks in their zone
But never in this time was there a call to stop
Leaving man and his temptations all alone
So around 3000 years ago finally came the heavenly call
To end the immoral actions and to change the tone

So it became a cause in a mostly backwards land
Very barbaric, superstitious, and savage too
Nothing could be read as they sat among the stones
Unlike the Chinese who already knew
But the slaughter didn’t stop, nor the genocide
It increased to serve the new leadership in you
While living in the poorest, least resourceful place
Where the only moisture was the morning dew

But it is a good thing that this occurred in this place
Where little or nothing would ever seem to change
Where even little things would be noticed and cause outrage
Like a miracle happening outside of scientific range
It was good that they only appeared in this isolation
Where anything besides breathing became strange
And it the middle of this single place of revelations
Morals would be born for the planet. How strange?

Barbara Blackcinder

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