The Temptation Is There


Rain, rain, it comes my way

In the form of depression

Is what I should say

Not sure what to do about things

And so it passes another day


This is not right for me

I know that it’s true

But I also have obligations

And promises to you

Caught in between life and death

Tell me, tell me, what would you do


It’s not hard to think of the end

But truly destructive to try

When in a blink of time you see

That solution so close in your eye

And hope that it won’t be seen

Instead of a cloudy blue sky


So where do you go when this happens

When all that you see is so sad

When so much of your hopes are gone

When much of your life has been bad

When this very depression is there

Since you were an innocent lad


In fear you withdraw the knife

From calling the blood from your vein

The pills remain in the cupboard

And once again you restrain

Yet it is not at an end yet

It is there and will always remain


Barbara Blackcinder