We say forever, non-ending they say

But that is a dream, it passes away

Like the tree that was forever there

After a century or so, it too goes bare


It seems that forever is a myth or a dream

Nothing lasts forever, or so it would seem

Because today we know of the universe

And even that has death as a curse


Seemingly forever in billions of years

It’s death is far beyond our tears

Just as the old tree outlives us too

We are but a drop of morning dew


Barbara Blackcinder

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My Own Slice


Just give me a piece, a piece of my life

where I can be happy, as pleased as can be

Not so very much, a place without strife

with nothing to distract, a place just for me


it has nothing to do with being alone

there is nothing further from my wish

just a place where I can dictate my life

make up my life without having to insist


No changes to put before anyone else

not a thing to debate or decide with you

with no reflection needed for peace

no decisions but to decide what to do


So much of life is a choice that’s dictated

picked by fear of alienation or outcast

chosen by committee and administrated

fearing that decision that won’t ever last


So what do you get when you decide

The choice might well have been yours

But no matter who’s it was in the end

There are far too many closed doors


Barbara Blackcinder

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Politics In a Can


Here it comes in a sealed can

Open it up and up pops a man

Couldn’t it be a woman too

Not so likely is really true


But what kind of fizzle do you see

Nothing good it appears to me

That it must be able to fit in this

Our supply system must be amiss


We pick from a pair of cans so gassy

Should be some intelligent lassy

Surely good enough to choose

With only one side, surely you lose


Barbara Blackcinder

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Old Men Heal Yourselves


My uncle stands over me in a drunken stupor

Telling me not to get involved

His cigarettes drop ashes onto the carpet

The burns on the floor go unsolved


But he doesn’t want to see me harmed

At least that’s the claim he’s making

And surely I guess he is telling the truth

Because in reality he doesn’t know he’s faking


He doesn’t understand what he failed to learn

The lies he was told and accepted when young

By those people who have so much to lose

Who will lose money once honesty has begun?


They keep beating me with the sticks of law

Making me fear and making me wrong

When the truth of danger from smoking pot

Is completely a different conception of song


My uncle’s gone now, killed by disease

A faulty liver or driving drunk possibly

In either case he is missing for me

Dead of something more dreadful I see


Barbara Blackcinder

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Just a line or two you’ll see

To let you know that I am me

I’m not someone just like you

You may sing this like me too


You see I can’t help but find

The things that make me defined

By those around who make me up

And pour me into a melting cup


We claim that our differences make

For each of us a lovely cake

A sweetened little confectionary

Not quite correct or dietary


Because we are all of different crumbs

Our lives add up from altered sums

We do the best we can to live

Which requires a lot of take and give


So I am one and you are too

Every day we start as something new

And we must know and so allow

Our separate lives all times somehow


Not to judge or make obscene

Slurs upon any human being

Just because of what you thought

Just because of what you were taught


I am different you can surely see

You are you and I am me

I shouldn’t have to change myself

So you can ease your cluttered shelf


Draw instead upon your inner mind

That is where the truth you’ll find

The truth about us human souls

That have as life our common goals


It’s not to lie or discriminate

To find the things that we hate

It’s not to find what we are not

And condemn other’s souls to rot


Let my life be mine for me

And I will do the same you’ll see

Let me be as I work my life out

We’ll be happier with no doubt


Barbara Blackcinder

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It’s all gone now, the ever pressing need to hide

There is no one left to fool by my side

The carnival ended, no tracks to ride


Life is at an end now, there’s only days to see

It matters none of what you see of me

All those detours and enclosures for me


Regrets are heavy in a pain filled existence

There is some comfort in less resistance

As consciousness loses its consistence


Barbara Blackcinder

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Arrogance Of The Universe


We know now there are billions of planets

Some are rocks and some are ice

Many uninhabitable for creatures like man

But with billions, millions must be nice


Of all the creatures developed on these rocks

We stand tallest on the one we possess

Even with the diversity of worldly spheres

This is the only world we can easily assess


And what comes of our superiority here

We can pick and choose what we believe

Even with the limitation of a single planet

We should admit to what we can conceive


Yet we go out and claim universal rule

As special beings that a single god has found

And now we stand on the single sanctuary

So that we can claim it as sacred ground


Stars come and galaxies go

But we were the first sinners

The believers want you to know

First to sin, the first beginners


We are first, I admit we are

The most egocentric man

We elevate our stature high

As though that were the plan


We have a god who serves only us

On this little grain of earthly dirt

And still only some are chosen

The rest are here only to hurt


We’ve had thousands of gods

On this isolated bit of soil

All but one we worship each

But on all of us does he toil


How significant are we in this world

How much do we really count

when faced with its enormity?

Our doubts should surely mount


But our ego in its enormity

Is beyond the reach of space

Alien planets each have gods

We are only the human race


Barbara Blackcinder

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