Perspective and Allowance


It is my head, a face to you

But can either of us, say what is true

I have thoughts, some you see

Yours you see, are not of me


You come to know, as I express

What I allow, what I possess

So you see, inside my head

Escaping thoughts, of what I said


I in turn, see into you

But never can I, know what’s true

Your very thoughts, some I see

As you know well, are not of me


Barbara Blackcinder

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To Escape

Am I really free?

Have I gone past boundaries?

Has the cage lifted?



These bars

Are the real?

Has the steel surrendered?

Have I squeezed between?



Fluffy clouds

Am I seeing them?

Are my eyes fixed?

Is there a self- produced mist?



These eyes

Have they been shielded?

Can we look beyond fears?



My truth

It is what I see

It is what I know I am



I see real

What is real to me

Is reality to me


Barbara Blackcinder

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The Grains of Sand


Far be it for me to know to pretend

That I have a grasp on truth

For with all that I learn in a single day

A million things pass over my roof


And yet I can say these things I believe

Though the list would increase so quick

That I could never innumerate them

For time passes as a greasy slick


And so more things go over my head

Than I could ever hope to reveal

I therefore can only speak of things

That pass just as I do through the real


Clutching at this or that as I go

Gluing it down with my word

Hoping that someone sees it and heeds

Just like me, something that I heard


And so an apt epithet for me

Would be only that I came and I left

And over the rocky surface of life

I stuck some thoughts in a cleft


Barbara Blackcinder

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Evening Into Night


Darkness has fallen, the night sky is here

Lighted only by the horizoned sun

It’s glow only on things near


The breeze while silent during the light

Just as steadily blows now

Louder passing through the trees in the night


A distant frog calls for a mate

Echoing through the tree tops

Hoping it won’t have long to wait


Even the car tires sounds as they pass

Diminishes quickly with distance now

Lost in the swishing, back and forth fields of grass


I listen while on the edge of the dark

But my eyes and head are drowsy and tired

I must arise and leave the park


But it’s too relaxing and I waver

Soon asleep as quietly I lay

The evening now the night that I savor


I awaken with the chill of the mist

Dampening my shirt and face

Like a spitting serpent who has hissed


But crawl I must from my bed of grass

To go through life once more

With no sleep to conceal the past


I think instead of the peaceful calm

Of the settling night closing down

As it rested me, deep in its palm


Barbara Blackcinder

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In Your Face


You say that all news is about gays today

Not that you object to their lifestyle per se

It’s just that it seems to be always in your face

But can you allow any discriminatory trace?


What would you think if you were born years ago?

When it was Women’s Rights in the show

To the extent that they created an amendment

That had little to do with their first true sentiments


Both of these have to do with human rights

Getting them into the Christian gun sights

Holding their morals, as incongruent though they be

With the reality of lives as they look to me


“We don’t like same sex marriages or gays” you say

Slogans that seem to say what you really do hate

Which is anyone that is different in your view

Anyone who is not precisely just like you


With trying to be holy by saying you forgive

Doesn’t mean that you will let them live

Persecutions and deaths around the world

Building from the slogans that you frequently hurled


To justify your religion’s motive and overbearing drive

You cling to the myth that your god is still alive

That he knows the truth and has given it to you

But that book is put together without any glue


It was written and compiled long before science

When not accepting religion was a deadly defiance

Long before we could know the truth of our genetics

Because man was a group of scientific diabetics


Well life goes on, and on, and on

Forming ripples in the singular pond

Spreading out and meeting resistances

Sometimes calling from nearby distances


We all have to cope with what we don’t like

Even when they, not us, are given the mike

To say what it is you don’t want to hear

Even though what is it is isn’t necessarily clear


It’s all a part of life as we trudge through

And we hope that it’ll be good for you

Until then we watch while they gain

As we all work together towards being sane


Barbara Blackcinder

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Bar Time


Oh where are you my absent friend?

The one I’ve looked for forever

It seems that I shall never find you

But my hopes shall end, never


It’s not a wife that I seek at all

I have one of those already

But I need more of a companion

Someone to knock around with steady


Just to hang out, to waste some time

To do nothing more than order beer

With no intentions of doing squat

Just sit on this barstool right here


To let the airs of life depart

Disappear behind the glass

To take in all the stupid ideas

Straight from each other’s ass


No common sense needs to be shown

Nor logic or even a hint at smarts

Just some background noise, no more

With a few belches and maybe some farts


Barbara Blackcinder

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A Sadness Overwhelming


It’s life itself that makes me so sad

Longing for this, missing what I had

It’s looking back at things that were done

And some that weren’t and may have been fun

Sometimes it hurts to look back and see

Various aspects that I wish weren’t me

Things that caused me to act certain ways

Resulting in things missed in those days

Paths that I’ve taken and I wished I hadn’t

Directions my fears as I was then, and so sent


All I can do is pull in my thoughts

Forget all those haves and have-naughts

Put away the sadness of times gone

Escape from depression for things that I long

Wishes that will never be seen by me

Fears that directed away from that I won’t see

Because it is all fruitless to live in the past

Life is so short and not so much left to last

When instead we need to look just ahead

Instead of where life has already lead


Barbara Blackcinder

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