Child Like


When I was a baby, of course I don’t know

I didn’t know, which way I would go

I had no thoughts if others were blacks or whites

I had no idea about my sexual rights


It seems to me that we should be like that child

Growing up just to get bigger, like anything wild

With no concern over which child I would play

Seemed to me then, they were all okay


Maybe one had a full head of hair on their head

Whether it was brown, yellow or red

If he had teeth or drooled more than me

These were the differences that I see


I’m sure they all had hands one and two

And had baby-like thoughts about you

Like how can I get to play with their toy

But not even concerned be it a girl or a boy


I was taught prejudices and dislikes as I grew

Chances are it was the same for you

Babies accept each other without bias

Perhaps it is the most Christ-like thing that adults deny us?


Barbara Blackcinder