The Lord’s Storm


“This is My Storm.” I heard him say

To wash away sins, specifically the gay

Because I am the Lord and only I know

Just how far I will really go


I caused the flood that killed but a few

Be thankful that it wasn’t you

Although many died because of me

Because I left them no place to flee


I killed them just as sure as I say

Their crime was only to be alive that day

When I was having my cleaning done

I couldn’t very well save everyone


Oh wait, maybe I could have after all

Some evil people from Sodom survived the fall

But looking back I see it was oversight by me

When punishment was not done completely


Well why shouldn’t I decide, when I am the Lord

Where truth and honesty is what I hoard

Rather than tell you what I have in mind

Never a word of truth will you ever find


For you are beneath me with your human ways

And I shall make you suffer for all of your days

Not giving you an honest hope or a clue

It’s just the way I feel like treating you


You anger me and I’m a spiteful god

You are unworthy and I shall use the rod

In an unjust and undeserving way

Because you live with sinners each day


And so you too shall suffer until I’m done

Making you parish and die every one

But you keep on praying and hoping to see

Some honesty or revealing by me


This is what you get if you believe in me

There is no hope that you’ll ever see

Disasters and death are all that I bring

And laugh to myself as my praises you sing


You bring it all upon your own kind

When you can’t see beyond what you find

Written in my book, The Bible you say

Which is being rewritten by the day


In fact it is true in what it does say

Because it chronicles man all the way

Not because of me as it purports

But of man it quite honestly reports


Barbara Blackcinder