The End of The Road


She was a gorgeous girl. Her hips were slender, breasts just big enough to impress you with every hug. Her long hair surrounded her face, almost hiding it between the waves running down past her jaw and over her shoulders. It was brown and her skin was light She had dark eyes.

He turned and walked, knowing that he couldn’t reveal where he was living. He hoped the box would still be there, and unoccupied. It was in a dry corner under an overhang, and it hadn’t been there long, so he hoped he had been the only person to discover it so far.

Aside from the things he brought himself, the poverty, disillusionment, and even some pain, although it was mostly emotional, he didn’t need physical creatures from some other inhabitant of the box before he began sleeping in it. But mostly he hoped that he could stay in some kind of good shape for his job seeking.

She would take him in in an instant, and he certainly felt the urge to go that way. Even if he totally betrayed the beautiful girl afterward, and he felt the pain that it would cause him, the temptation to use her was there. It would be so simple and easy. So gratifying while he did it.

Instead he went to his box without telling her about his situation. He had no money, no references, no other clothes other than the ones he had on at this moment. Worst of all, he had no food, and nothing lining his stomach from a recent meal. The biggest pain had come and gone, but he was sure that it would return before long. Right now it was merely empty and rigid. He hoped it would stay that way for a long period, but he could almost time when it would be back to bother him.

The box was there, still upright and undisturbed. At least he had that to hold onto. It was the only thing he knew of besides his personal sense of worth. Even that wasn’t much, but above all he had to hold onto that, otherwise he would die of hunger. He wouldn’t get a job as a pathetic loser, there were plenty of people around like that.

He couldn’t wait for a job, he could only wait for a meal only so long, but starvation would only last as long as his life. If it was short, he at least hoped it would be somewhat less painful than it was the last few days.

One end of the box was open. It was heavy and would be difficult to get into. If he knocked it down he could crawl into it, but then he would be subjected to creatures around the area, particularly other humans. It was also going to be a little too long and would stick out into the area that might be traveled by vehicles passing by. He could see it as a quick end to his misery, but he was a little frightened to take that kind of dare. After all, he might be only wounded and be in worse shape than he was now. He could make sure his head was on that end of the box he guessed, but he still could be injured instead of dead.

Finally he stood it on end, lifted it over his head with difficulty, and dropped it down over himself while standing. He dropped it down slowly pulling in the flaps as he set it down on end. Then he squatted, and finally sat down on the overlapping flaps. He was protected from sitting on the hardness, dampness, and dirtiness of the cement ground. It was a tight space, allowing him to sit, or lean against the side that was up against the building outside of it, but not to lie down, not even curled into a fetal position.

It dampened the sound from outside as well, making it almost cozy. He fell asleep in that position. And he died in that position. Hunger never bothered him again. Bullets from the evil neighborhood found their way through the thick cardboard and into his body.

Life was merciful in the end.


Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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3 Responses to The End of The Road

  1. Thanks again my astute followers. ha ha

  2. Jane Watson says:

    That Barbara, is one hell of a story!

    So well written, so insightful and so important.

  3. BRAVO!! Very good story………

    Shared it on Twitter…

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