The Fateful Hug


It wasn’t meant to be more than a hug

But the hidden passion just came out

I thought for a second whether or not

Then my emotions came with a shout


I took in a huge whiff of her perfume

My teeth grazed the lobe of her ear

If she said something I haven’t a clue

With blood rushing I just couldn’t hear


My tongue darted out and licked her

My lips followed with a near violent kiss

My mind tried to rebel for an instant

It said that it can’t go on like this


But pleasantly overwhelmed as I was

I began kissing her neck with force

My mind said that I should stop

But with emotions I couldn’t of course


I inhaled deeply while tasting her neck

Moving with a passionate joy

Thinking of what would happen next

If this was but some kind of ploy


But she didn’t resist and I couldn’t think

She turned her head just as I did

My instincts had led me this far

My rampant passion I just couldn’t rid


And so once again our lips met in a kiss

Our tongues intertwined as well

There was no moral restriction to fight

Passion screamed through me to tell


And my mind filled with nothing but joy

And she and I shared what was true

It mattered not that we were both women

There was nothing either of us could do


Our breaths intermixed with our tongues

As we groped one another’s faces

And soon it became quite apparent

There were no regrettable traces


The truth became laid out for us then

As we embraced with no innocence shown

Our knees were weakened at once

We collapsed to the ground with a groan


Our nakedness became exciting and new

The clothes flying all around us

Hot inflamed flesh was all that there was

Heated by oceans and touches of lust


Locked into a grip with our legs

We shimmied and we rolled

There was no dishonesty between us then

Our passions were forever to be told


There could be no escaping the truth

About our intense love for the other

No amount of shame could exist

Nothing we felt could we smother


And so we continued our way

This day and onto our lives

Making ourselves first lovers that day

And staying happily together as wives


Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a hunger for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and especially mine when you read those from me.
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