Self Discrimination


It’s all discrimination

It’s at the heart of it all

You can’t tell a person’s nature

By seeing that he or she’s tall


Nor can you tell by the color of skin

What they feel inside

Or ridicule them for being gay

Forcing their reality to hide


It’s painful to be prosecuted

Damned or banned from life

Because you are different

You hide to prevent strife


To not reveal who you really are

A person, not a statement of ill

Wanting to live happily

Not suffering life’s most bitter pill


Acceptance of anyone’s traits’

Should be of the most concern

Stifling hatred for the unknown

Is something we all need to learn


We all suppress some of our souls

To conform to others nearby

And let it pass for the moment

Moaning a despondent sigh


Too many times we hide and conceal

To please those who attack and deny

Any who dares admit to themselves

Rather than living a lie.


Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I thank my followers very much and hope I continue to write interesting pieces for them.
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