Friends Alone


When there’s no friends, running about

Not even acquaintances, within a shout

It’s time for yourself, to enjoy being you

Then there is so many things you can do


Some of those hobbies just made for your mind

Simple things, little things you can find

With no finish or attempt to get done

Just something enjoyable when you are but one


Be it imagination, taking a trip or thinking aloud

Some tiny accomplishment that makes you so proud

Not something of worth, because that is not needed

Just a thing that you like to do while you’re seated


Making the best of a day all alone

Taking care of some of those thoughts you have sewn

Maybe even straightening up if it gives you a grin

Making a change from a mood your were in


You don’t always find friends where they were last

Sometimes you must leave them back in the past

But they will return with the bat of an eye

And then it will return to being ‘you and I’.


Barbara Blackcinder

About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a hunger for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and especially mine when you read those from me.
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