To Hell We All Go


I fear for the world, as it stands today,

Some horrible things that won’t go away.

The beating of children, while bad enough,

Won’t grow them up as really tough

Instead it will make them believe in pain

While they beat their kids again and again

Because they’ve been taught through their lives

That it is okay to beat children and wives.

Who is it that says that this is so?

Someone we all grew up to know

He calls himself God, the maker of all

But with his record, he hardly stands tall

For along with beating, murder, and slavery

He stands for many other crimes against morality

There is the truth of infanticide and genocide alone

Which he not only inspired but was proud to be shown

It is figured that he has killed more than Hitler or Stalin, naming two

When his racism, homophobia, and misogyny was through


But the worse is yet to be for to us who are so dumb

Combining him with a moronic president and his sons

A man who hasn’t read a book in a year

Wants to add his stupidity to the bible’s teaching here

Not only will he do the most ludacris things to us now

He’ll combine it to the murderous bible somehow

Surely we’ll all be killed if the world doesn’t understand

That this man and God both have heads full of sand

Not that I believe in the first in any way at all

But many do who believe in these people filled with gall

Who take themselves as the beginning and the end

And it’s straight to hell that they’re both going to send

It will be fitting that the new innocent die along with the wrong

Just as in the bible under God, they won’t last very long

And under Trump and his ego, it will be the same things

So you might as well believe that we can all grow angel’s wings


Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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2 Responses to To Hell We All Go

  1. I’m sorry, Barbara; but, I truly know that God does not want the things you say in this poem—the misguided followers of certain religions want those things; and, they misinterpret their Scriptures to make others believe God said things that God actually condemns………

    • Every one of these claims is in the Bible, starting right from setting up Adam and Eve with the serpent and the tree, through the killing between Cain and Abel, through massacres and genocide, and the killing of everyone and everything save a single boat load of people and animals in the time of Noah. Of course, like all Christians, they don’t believe specific parts of the Bible, or claim only to follow the New Testament. But this doesn’t give God’s writers a pass since it is only a update that still requires the base in the Old Testament. Then, there are those that don’t believe in any of it being any more sacred or inspired than that of the Bronze-aged illiterates who wrote it in the first place, well, as soon as they became literate that is.

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