Disbelief and Depression

Why does it bother me so
That people believe in the invisible
They disregard what they should know
And defend the indefensible

It is because they repudiate knowledge
At every turn of the calendar page
Hiding behind a stonehedge
Denying facts with a unholy outrage

They insist that I can’t know everything
And this is surely true as any fact
But this also holds for what they sing
When truth is truly what they lack

To me it is very depressing
That they hold to a holy book
When to read it from beginning to ending
Gives them a horrifying look

The tales it tells of its ‘creator’
Who causes all kind of ‘-cide’
Who claims not to be a dictator
But in truth all his flaws they must hide

He tells people to kill their own children
Or to wipe out a whole civilization
Because they were not ‘the chosen’
Or for causing about him derision

So you go to the bible’s new section
The one with the sacrificed son
A man with nice guy intentions
Who wholly supports the old one

God kills his own offspring with murder
And then goes ahead and does tell you
That it is the ultimate answer
For all of the sins you might do?

It no longer matters if you sin
Because I killed my son just for you
As long as you get your accolades in
It’s the best that a god could hope to do

It’s depressing that so many believe
All of these cults that are geared towards death
Just beliefs that only man could conceive
For the hope of a post-living breath

It’s just so frustratingly implausible
To see so many people holding as true
The simply ignorant and deniable
Fairy tales and those outright lies too

So go about your ways as you must
Holding you head high in the fog
Living and breathing a fable you trust
And deny truth when you trip on a log

Surely muddied will be your face
But in your mind you’ll see not a thing
Because you have draped it in lace
For those life ever-after hopes that you sing

Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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2 Responses to Disbelief and Depression

  1. Mary says:

    Such anger does consume you
    And your happiness takes toll
    Let others live their lives of faith
    Keep your beliefs; your sanity
    Hold calmly your own soul

  2. From my perspective, religion is not to be defined by what the “believers” say…

    Good poem…

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