I have a wall, it surrounds me
I have walls, they make my house
I have fences, they make up my yard
I have a state, it defines some of my attitudes
I have a country, it is surrounded by borders
I have a continent, it places me on Earth
I live on a planet, one of eight or nine
It sits in a galaxy, one of millions or billions
It is one of a cluster in billions and trillions of them

The universe doesn’t care about me
It doesn’t care about my religion or politics
It doesn’t care about my time here on this planet
Most people of the world don’t know me
Hardly anyone from this state has ever seen my name
Barely a few thousand would recognize me by sight
I have but three siblings, four grandparents, and many relatives
I have one spouse who knows me well
I hardly know myself sometimes

I have eighty years in this state, planet, galaxy
In galactic times, nothing I do will be significant
The stars will not notice when I am gone
The universe will go on for billions of years at least

I have a life here to enjoy
I can affect other’s lives positively
I know what I enjoy and I can do these things
There is nothing more to do with this life
Enjoy, help others enjoy, be remembered as enjoyable
It is a life fulfilled and temporary
Enjoy it while you are here.

Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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