Is It Hatred or Righteousness?

I know you hate me, because I hate you
But my hatred is not really true
Hating is what repels me the most
Hatred derived from the sacred ghost

No I don’t hate you, or even him
If it were even possible to hate a whim
What disturbs me the most is the lie
That under his sanction he saves you and I

It’s a common thing to denounce a sin
Which is where we all seem to begin
Having guilt that we must extract
Hatred of religion, now there’s a fact

Supposedly here to cause content
Many religious are hateful and hell bent
Hanging fear upon other souls
Solely on the word of religious trolls

Hatred of people who don’t dress alike
Hatred of religions who don’t pray alike
Hatred of sins made up by man
I point out these hatreds whenever I can

It’s for the good of all people you see
To see all their hatreds besides hating me
Everyone’s special individually
But hate is aimed at groups mostly

Different religions with a different plan
Righteous murder made only by man
Justifying death as long as it’s another
When in truth we have the same mother

All the gibberish that is easily found
Mostly garbage we are handed down
Elevated as sacred as it moves along
Depicted as holy within a righteous song

You ask why I deliberate at such length
Do I overcompensate for my lack of strength
But in fact it is because of religion’s bind
Not allowing critique of what you can’t find

It hides itself in sacred laws and rules
Makes detractors out to be fools
When it is really a matter of exposing fact
A few things that religions tend to lack

Yes openness and truth are hidden well
Smoothed over cleanly so that you can’t tell
Hiding its prejudice, bias and fear
Guidelines made to hide its lack of a seer

Truth be told, we are only and all men
Our history and faith will never send
Any of us to a place special to him
We will all end up rotting, limb by limb

If there is any judgement to be had
It is in our passing, it is honest to be sad
Our rememberings are solely the truth
Not stored in some fluffy heavenly booth

What we do here is what will stay
How we live and how we play
We are Earthly bound and here we’ll stay
Forever particles, tomorrow and today

Barbara Blackcinder

About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a hunger for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and especially mine when you read those from me.
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