I used to believe in fate, how good it could really be
But life also has in it hate, and so it was not so good to me
We started life in synch, paired for winning it all
Heaven made I used to think, but life began to fall
Doubt entered the stage, causing turmoil and mistrust
We became two in rage, wondered where our love went bust
Of course it was determined, we could not remain in denials
We blew apart with heated words, sending our thoughts into trials
Without the love left only fear, troubled thoughts always so near
The clamor was all we could hear, and we were finished, out of gear
So the truth of fate it was clear to see, it was inside of us
There was nothing more for you and me, but a small trifle of lust
Still attracted to one another, but not more than our fate
Honesty just couldn’t smother, and it hadn’t long to wait
For the drift became a chasm, our lives separated completely now
No more flowing momentum, just a trail that fate would allow

Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I thank my followers very much and hope I continue to write interesting pieces for them.
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