Moments with Gaps

I spent my life from one time to another
With necessary events in between
There were the times I cried because I was alone
Until it was time to go home once again

I found some friends and I played with them
And sat alone afterward, wondering if it had been true
I sit by myself waiting for someone to appear
But the drizzle was the only thing due

I remember being alone here and there
Sitting here, sitting there, walking by
I was alone all these times, seldom escorted
I remember them more than any fun between them

I’ve looked over many railings, wondering if…
The wind blew in my face while on a roof
I dared not stray too close to the edge of it
I threatened but dared not lean too far over

It might have been fear, or just depression
Or just not caring enough to jump over
I’m still here, and glad that I am
But I’m alone, as I’ve always been

Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I thank my followers very much and hope I continue to write interesting pieces for them.
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