Some of the children, while playing with him at school
Didn’t like Herman, for they said he was a fool
It wasn’t so much true that he really was one
But to ridicule him was just so much more fun
Herman had bested them, he beat them at a game
And now the little children couldn’t be the same
For they had learned to know that pride was everything
So they vowed that forever they would always sting
They would beat and pinch him if he was close or near
No matter how good Herman, they would make him fear

And so it came to be an election day
They had to vote on Herman, surely ’No Way!’
But the other rooms there had a different thought
And their plan of hatred wasn’t to be wrought
With every effort that they put to the task
Their own agenda they couldn’t freely pass
Their hatred grew and they tried by yelling loud
To coerce and dictate to the larger crowd
Meanness and wrath was all they had to offer
Just empty and hollow, this vengeful coffer

The only reason was that when they were kids
Acting up from selfishness was what they did
It was sad to see that they never did grow
Their county was made to suffer greatly so
Their stubborn foolishness and their childhood ways
Followed them much later in their acts today
Once they had seen that they couldn’t have it all
And getting so angry, to threaten the hall
Never to claim revenge by it’s proper name
Writhing with anger, they carried on the same

So vengeful their effort to ridicule the man
The honest speaking statesman never got to stand
Built on hatred and causing it to be so weak
To begin without them was all that they could seek
But it was not to be with their hatreds so fierce
An evil fronted face that they could barely pierce
Only weaker parties could sneak in past the start
Playing just servile roles and less important parts
Collapse was undoubtable with such rhetoric
With minds so closed, and opinions baselessly strict

Yet Herman still won in every fair and legal way
But still their ire just rose and they hate him to this day
“How dare he besmirch their more important sounding views”
And never would they ever accept the honest news
So they continued to grouse and to poison the wells
Not in the least concerned about the funeral bells
Wrought by those who just couldn’t accept the change
Yelling over them no matter what their range
But the world went on without their ‘better view’
And I hope the same some day for me and you.

Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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