NapoWriMo 12 – Love’s Bubbles


“Bubble ready for deployment Captain.” the pilot stated

“But we don’t have proper soap factor.”, for a reply she waited

“Without that we’ll never sail.” she claimed with a shout

“We’ll pop with the slightest breeze.” as she shuffled about


“But we must depart without delay.” the officer came back

“We must rescue Helen.” his voice sounded with a crack

“She’s floating about in the air.” he pleaded with her then

“And her bubble is bursting.” he pleaded again.


“We could pump up the soap level.” she offered to him

“But that would surely be hazardous.” her face getting grim

“It may pop like a balloon and a pin.” she stated quite firm

“And everyone would fall.” her body wiggling like a worm


“Our only solution, the one that is safe.” she claimed

“Is our rigid balloon.” and went on and named

“We must ready our dirigible soon.” her eyes opened wide

“And bring her safely to the ground.” with her fears denied


“I must confess to my love.” the Captain finally admitted

“Helen is everything to me.” he then became committed

“I confess to you, my darling girl.” he said while he cowered

“I don’t want her to die.” knowing his life had just soured


“That is a shock, I may not resolve.” she choked as she wept

“I never expected to hear that.” swallowing tears that she kept

“But I must be strong and rescue her still.” though it was a struggle to her

“And then we’ll talk about your fate.” she did mischievously purr.


“I’m saddened and fearful.” he admitted with guilt crushing his soul

“My guilt is severe, though I never lied.” as his story he told

“Until she was stranded I just didn’t know.” he claimed with much fear

“How deep my love was.” as he watched her eyes well up and tear


“Well, I shouldn’t hold back either.” she finally said

“Her pilot and I have feelings too.” her face turning red

“So if we save her floating bubble.” she began to calculate

“We’ll both be rescued too.” began her debate


But in the end it didn’t fare well,

the bubble of Helen collapsed and shortly it fell.

Taking with it the second craft of a soapy build,

and all of the lovers of the bubblous guild.

As they fell they waved goodbye to all,

a side wind hampered their terrible fall.

Until calamity was diverted as they blew into a lake,

their bubbles drifting and saving them all for love’s sake.

And happily blowing to a shoreline beach,

the bubbles releasing them to each other’s reach.

And the couples reunited in the order best for them all,

No longer did they fly bubbles, and only in love did they fall.


Barbara Blackcinder

About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a hunger for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and especially mine when you read those from me.
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1 Response to NapoWriMo 12 – Love’s Bubbles

  1. Totally Delightful !!

    “bubblous guild” 🙂

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