Sisters Without End

I feel I’ve lost my sister, the only one I had

Her presence and thoughts of her, make me awfully sad

But it is nothing she did, the cause was change in me

It was only something that I saw, that I didn’t want to see


Since we were small children, skipping and falling down

We were always there for comfort, to pick us from the ground

That she would end up successful, was a simple matter of fact

Always the one with awareness, she was always full of tact


While I on the other hand, suffered greatly for my faults

If self-made suffering were cash,  I’d have filled a vault

But she always held me closely, a sister that never strayed

While I was often distant, trying to make some other grade


But then I saw her kissing, someone I never thought I’d see

And the truth about my sister, was very crushing to me.

It wasn’t that the person, was anyone bad at all

Until she kissed my sister, and I knew I’d suffered a fall


I couldn’t look right at them, like they were someone new

Suddenly it was clear to me, although not right out of the blue

I was storing it in a closet, with fears and other damnable things

Devils with bad intentions, demons with crooked wings


Yet she still looks like my sister, and treats me all the same

But within our lives now, I find it hard to play the game

I see so many changes, things that I wished I wouldn’t see

But she seems only happy, with no intent to affect me


I must look to her all over, and form a different view

She really hasn’t been altered, any more than me or you

But it’s me that needs the changes, me that cannot see

There’s nothing new between us, what will be will always be


I see in another light now, one that doesn’t look so dark

A window of forgiving, needed by me to make a spark

A flash of wisdom missing, in my eyes it will return

To change the prejudiced and stupid, from which I wish to learn


She is always my sister, and to her credit she sees me the same

Overlooking my fears and intolerance, and being simply lame

Knowing that our love, hasn’t been missing only hid

And I must return to feelings, that we always had as kids.


Barbara Blackcinder





About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a hunger for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and especially mine when you read those from me.
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