Freedoms Past

I’m not so free as I wish to be

I’m still trapped in what you see

It isn’t good to hold onto a dream

When finishing it unlikely, so it would seem


Too many years of being passed by

Years of tears and hopes gone that ever fly

Past the windows of our minds and souls

Joining the multitude of fading goals


No fault given as we don’t ever quite know

Which is the real path that we wish to go

Taking direction at the whim of a crowd

Strictly within the rules and habits allowed


Yet once it is passed it can usually be damning

Never to be within a grasp of planning

A fading vision that you recognize too late

A broken path that is sealed in your fate


It seems the past is a thing to see as failed, but good

Given a view but no longer wishing it, as you should

Just as the future where you don’t see the best plan

And wander and drift into the best route as you can


Yet without foresight in your presently held view

We walk in dreams, hopeful visions of you

Fearing some future calamity that you may entail

So the safe and least honest path, least you fail


You bend your fate with the fear of a new mistake

Your body and soul, and your mind are at stake

Such little steps in the only life you will ever hold

And so you step with others, a fate you have sold


Ah, but this is but one group of folks that I describe

There are many souls in the midst of a tribe

Some so free as to give no thought of retreat

Pushed back hard by life, in their comfortable seat


Marking time by what they have done or will do

I can only ask why fears keep it from being you

That dares to go against the walls of common lives

Seeing only those wicked, those all-tearing knives


As you expect I refer to myself, as a fearful soul

One who never spotted nor gained any goal

Sitting in fear in the corner of shame

Not seeking attention nor casting out blame


Barbara Blackcinder



About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a hunger for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and especially mine when you read those from me.
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2 Responses to Freedoms Past

  1. Wow, thanks very very much Jane. I always value your opinion greatly.(What was it I called you once, “The High Priestess of Poetry”? Or was it just “The Queen”? hee hee. Anyway, I hope your book continues effortlessly! Barbara

  2. Jane Watson says:

    Wow, this is a very powerful poem, Barb. I especially like the first 2 lines which seem to describe the human condition we are all trapped in and the 2nd last stanza about the ‘walls of common lives’ and the ‘tearing knives’ 🙂

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