Watching and Learning

I was reminded the other day while watching the new investigations in the drug, LSD. As the scientists were amazed and took great interest in it’s functioning, I was equally interested, and not so much because of the potential use as an intoxicant (if I can abuse that term for the moment), which was even a smaller part of why I attempted to discover it in the first place many years ago.

During my own experimentation (and it was very little), I found all the things occurring within me that are said of the chemical. I experienced the vivid colorations associated with it, the warping of time, and most importantly, the alteration of my perceived world, even after the vast amount of it’s effects had worn off within me. It is something that has never escaped my mind since.

What I was left with was the understanding that everything, from a rock, to a plant, and throughout the animal universe, and surely the rest of the universe, to a less understood and experienced, was truly connected in such a variety of ways that we could never hope to understand it. This is with the possible exception of continued use in psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin’s. As I said, my own experiences were very miniscule.

While I was seeking some sort of understanding with a conception of God, it was not my reason for taking it, nor did it cause me to become religious, or even incredibly spiritual. Perhaps had I experimented further this may have become a possibility, because it did result in an idea of God that I still hold, despite my current dislike and distrust of religions in any form. They have all failed me.

Of course this concept is tied a hundred percent into everything being a part of God, which I suppose can be reconsidered as Consciousness. While rocks may not be a part of this consciousness, they are definitely a part of any creature that has consciousness, including the small creatures such as insects that crawl over and around them in their quest to survive. Perhaps it would be correct to assume that whatever level of consciousness any given aspect of God has is equal to its perceived level of God? This absolutely necessitates our own struggle to achieve higher consciousness, and therefore our understanding of God, i.e., the Universe. What else could the function of life itself be?

The understanding of humanness itself is nothing more than our attempts to discover ourselves, a tiny aspect and time restricted speck of humankind, and an infinitely smaller, miniscule, tiny bit of energy within the aspect of God’s world, our world, our creation.

And so on to the point that I hoped to make, that of our daily function within our lifetimes.

We live approximately eighty years nowadays, if you happen to be in some aspect of modern life on the planet, considerably less if our consciousness hasn’t risen to helping you to achieve the same length of time. And also not trying to figure in the expansion of time through the use of such chemicals such as LSD that stand time on it’s end and give it more length within itself, although the body itself still tends to last about the same eighty years if kept in a healthy condition.

And us modern folks; that is, this current high end level of civilization, many times seek to achieve great things. While I’m not knocking such endeavors, God requires them as much as the underachievers, it is really the happiness that occurs within one’s lifetime that is really the point of the whole experience of life. Some experience happiness from such building, and I consider all happiness to be a good thing, even with it’s sometimes massive negative aspects when the ego smashes the happiness of many more, even millions, of other people and creatures. We have seen instances of great achievements that don’t require such horrible destructions, it can be done the right way of course.

Even more to the point is the smile. The universal indication of joy, happiness, and contentment. Sometimes I have wondered if I was actually seeing one of these on the face of one of my dogs or cats, but of course without the aid of understanding ourselves as God, we won’t understand the minds of dogs, cats, and especially other creatures that have even less of a direct connection with our species. Sometimes it looks like a toad smiles when it is pulling into it’s mouth an insect, but it may just be the juxtaposition of its muscles, just as those of our pet’s face. I certainly can’t see into any of their minds, and have to rely on the jumping and spinning of dogs while they play catch with you, or the supposed glee of such a frog or toad to have acquired another meal for further extension of its lifetime.

Perhaps if we could string smiles, sometimes just instantaneous bits of happiness or joy, or even humor, along the entire span of one’s lifetime, it would be the happiness that could only be considered a complete life. It would be one without strife, fear, hatred, malice, or ego satisfaction. Outrageous? Absolutely, but necessary to the fulfillment of any concept of God that we have, including that of existent religions that have gone so far astray so many times it is questionable whether they could ever find the correct road to happiness or God. I don’t believe such an egoless religion exists myself.

Or job is not to achieve, live longer, and certainly not to live wealthier or with more of anything material than the other person has, whether it is spiritual or materialistic. It is not even to be holier than someone else, but to be holier than you were several moments ago.

String these bits together, of happiness, and therefore of holiness, that is what life is about, what is achievable if anything is. There are hundreds of thousands of platitudes, sayings, and greeting card slogans that say it differently, but I believe the one that says it the best, at least as far as my own consciousness can remember in the spur of the moment, is that “Life is a Journey, not a Destination.”

We will always be a part of God, as will everything, dead, alive, or merely existent. Our universal function is to understand how that can and will always be. It is the function of consciousness, no matter what level it begins or ends at personally.


Barbara Blackcinder

About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a hunger for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and especially mine when you read those from me.
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