Offensively Speaking

To choose to offend, that’s certainly not my wish

But rather to put more into the offering dish

Let people see that there are choices to be made

And not by those who are so heavily overpaid


Lately I’ve come down on religion quite a bit

And quite honestly, folks are likely shocked by it

They don’t seem to mind if it’s a religious brand name switch

But no religion at all? Well, that is a difficult, Godless pitch


It is after all a denial of their whole life of belief

Their only consolation in a world that’s filled with grief

But I’ve never seen that effort calming any storms

It’s much too impressed with creating holy norms


I cannot abide a God that doesn’t seem to listen

While spittle on the lips of holy leaders glisten

Even they don’t believe the lies and distortions coming out

But pass their disbelief by raising the level of their shout


Holy Saint Teresa, given a Papal saintly pardon

With no better reason that to increase people in their garden

Lowering the standard amount of miracles to two

Because it was essential to lift her status quickly for you


To give us something new to offer as proof of God

Despite her own misgivings, to give her the acceptance nod

As is true with many of those who reject hypocrisy

The untruths they’ve spoken that they now can see


I pray myself that prayers continue strong

I see no harm in wishing a correction to most wrongs

But keep it to good wishes, and not a faker’s whim

Who’s only wish is to bring more money, to keep the wealthy in


If consolation is what you need to get you through despair

Praying for resolution doesn’t have to be some where

Keep the wishes coming as you go through your daily life

Life is usually filled with less answers than it’s load of strife


Although mental sciences have cured many without fame

Religions tend to brag about their attempts to do the same

Using treatments that are medieval in their basic origin

They threaten you with death and hell, and so they begin


Jesus was offered, merely used to fill the part

I choose that word with intention, right from the very start

Before his birth, both by man and his creator too

He was mediation only, a gentleness, to pacify me and you


To take us from the evils of what the older Bible taught as law

When we began to see that most of it was flawed

The reason’s to kill a man, when none should ever hold

Along with racism, sexism, and murders clearly told


I simply choose not to believe any longer in the mystery

The ever changing truth, quite plainly contradictory

We’re making it up as we go , to see this is quite plain

It is rife with misdirecting by some, quite probably insane


I give it up to you to choose to do the right thing every day

Without the crutch and threat, of heresy in the way

Believe in all that’s good, it has always been the truth

Without confiding your failures to some creepy pervert in a booth.


Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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