NaPoWriMo 11 – The Challenge

I watch a couple of robins

Fluttering into the air and down

Their beaks and talons exposed

And then flew back onto the ground


They stared at each other for a moment

Then squawked a warning and advanced

Then popped up into the air once more

Their feathers and weapons enhanced.


Again they rose to a height

Threatening and sounding a warning

Then landing and chirping

And flying off in the morning


In another location it was repeated

Although later their intention was clear

It wasn’t a battle for dominance

But a ballet for mating was near


And it seemed to me that it was the same

We taunt and threaten just like birds

All in the name of love or mating

But with the addition of words.


Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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