Another Civilization Vanishes

Two o’clock tomorrow is the time. We leave en masse, a whole society that will simply disappear from this planet, leaving behind only relics and some buildings. No clues can be given as to our whereabouts, or our reasons for departing. Anything of that sort would ruin the civilization that comes out of our ashes (sort to speak).

We can only leave notice of our existence, but not knowledge of our advancements and achievements, other than those on a gross scale that we cannot erase without sufficient time, as our technical knowledge allows, and even demands, our departure without hesitation. As we have discovered the traces of past civilizations that should not have been advanced as far as they were, according to what we could find of them left behind, we now face the same dilemma of concealment that they faced.

Most of what we have will disappear, built on the weakest scale of survivability, just as the human race could be considered. It will rust, rot, mold, or simply disappear into the chaos of natural destruction and decomposition. Constructions that require the use of our fantastic power sources and sub-atomic structures will return to chaos long before the next civilization can rise technologically to meet its understanding. By the time they realize that a rock is more than a rock, the technology required to build such a structure, and understand it’s nature, construction, and power, they will have also achieved our level of knowledge and will be standing in our place as we stand today, shortly afterward.

Shortcuts, hints, blueprints and patterns would only serve to destroy the next civilization long before it has gotten to the awareness that is required to sustain the advances that will enable them to proceed. Quite simply, a child given a loaded gun at the age of five, can only result in tragedy, long before the purpose or functioning of the gun, or even the necessity of aiming through its sights can be recognized and developed.

Therefore, the calculations will be completed at two o’clock, in the time zone of this part of the world as we knew it before yesterday. At the end of the calculations, we will no longer consider ourselves, and indeed, will no longer be in fact, humans of the planet Earth, but instead, citizens of the galaxies.

Thank you and……


Barbara Blackcinder



About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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