Browse and Graze (or Fiction v/s Non-Fiction)

The geologist kept his head down, his eyes alert. He walked this way; bent over,  until his back began telling him to look up once in a while. He stepped up a hill, sliding on the grass a little, but continued until he made it to the top. It was a good place to take a break, and he began it by standing erect and stretching his back. The slight breeze blew on the flowers and patted his pant legs. This is where he met his counterpart.

Not more than ten feet from him stood a huge black and white cow. Being a geologist, he didn’t care much that she was a Black and White Holstein. It was only fair since the cow didn’t care much that she was standing on a layer of grass and dirt over a bed of red granite either. She looked up at the man standing there, noticed that he was standing over some delicious looking grass, among some tender-looking flowers, and continued browsing and grazing.

It was a particularly pleasant meadow, filled with some long grasses grown by the sun, a blend of flowers, and wide tasty grass of varying lengths. The cow had been here before and sampled the various growth and the bunches of short growing flowers. She liked all of them, they all tasted good to her.

On a previous visit she had munched much of the taller grass. This time she was more interested in the flowers, remembering the sweet taste of them from the last time she chose them for her afternoon meal. Even amongst the flowers there was a variety that she loved nibbling on. She let the taste of them roll over her tongue as she wandered on across the exposed granite between the flowers and grass.

The geologist watched her leave, listening to her hooves clatter across the rock, and her teeth grinding up the various plants that she loved so much. He found it entertaining to watch her pick a mouthful of food here, another one a short distance away, then choose another mouthful off to her side as she walked, browsing all around her.

He bent over slightly as he progressed forward, crossing the path where the cow had just walked, continuing on the same route he had been on before her interruption. His eye was looking for a certain color of rock, a quartz that he knew could be found here. So far all he had found was the red granite, but he was persistent and knew he’d find what he was looking for after a while.

He had read many reference books about geology and the particular rocks that he sought. He hadn’t simply browsed through books like the cow had through the grass, he had a specific intention in mind, and he was going to find that rock no matter how long it took. Meanwhile the cow moseyed away, browsing, choosing, and devouring the various plants as always.


Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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4 Responses to Browse and Graze (or Fiction v/s Non-Fiction)

  1. LOL. Very simply, it is the way readers look for new books, the fiction readers browse and ‘Graze’, while Non-Fiction readers look in very distinct locations as dictated by subject. I guess my effort to make the point in a humorous way failed. ;-(….

  2. OK, Barbara, I think this is the one you said had some phrase that should resonate for me…

    I’m missing it 😦

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