Caught Between the Slides

It’s a very steep grade to the bottom of the hill

There is no stopping, no tripping of the will

There’s only the bottom, that comes to an end

Feet first or by a head, it continues to send

The pitch has its changes, but goes the same route

That we will end, there is not a doubt.


So we seek to go slowly, healthy or lame

Yet none of us will arrive there quite the same

And nearing the end is the same quandary too

How the time slides will be a mystery to you

At times we hope for it to pass slow

And yet during frustration, no speed will it show.


While the loss is still the result we will see

We will never know exactly what we do need

This parent is sick and too ill to go on

While another is healthy and seems far from gone

But the hidden message has been tied to their life

And the remaining time may be a shortened slice


In the end they will pass from your view

And although known, there’s not a thing you can do

Some get a delay that is nice, perhaps one even splendidly long

While with another it’s past in a wisp, and gone

Before you can set your anchors, they are on the list

And like everyone before them, truly missed.


Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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One Response to Caught Between the Slides

  1. Still dealing with it, I see………

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