Extraterrestrial Earthlings 6

An Alien Planet Answers – Chapter Six

“We no longer believe that the deaths of our species has been accidental.” began the announcement sent through the radio waves from an unknown location in space. “While we are a physically weaker form of human than you are down in the gravitational pull of Earth’s mass, we cannot believe that all the deaths were caused by that weakness. At the very least, and this is what a large proportion of our population believe, you Earth-bound Earthlings should have been much more deliberate in your attempts to accommodate our species. The result would have been a better understanding and friendship between our worlds, rather than the annihilation of our brothers. (The absence of a mention of their female representative sent many listeners twittering among themselves)

“We have tried consistently to accommodate your people, as well as the restrictions of the planet’s physical characteristics. At this time, we will no longer send representatives to the home planet as it is too dangerous. We do not have an unlimited source for people, although we are working on the genetics of such a venture.

The speaker on the video tape paused, as though he could hear the commotion developing in front of the projector screen. He waited several moments for the noise to lessen. His voice never became quieter or louder despite his acknowledgement of the chaos resulting from his speech.

“An alternative has been offered by the leaders of your populations, but has been denied. The proposal, to have Earth-bound representatives sent to our spaceship as Ambassadors, is completely unadvisable and therefore rejected. Firstly, it would undoubtedly end in the destruction of our entire spaceship planet. Even with filters and isolation chambers and any other device meant to keep your germs from affecting this population, it could only be temporary at best. This is why, after the first visitor to your planet, none other of our representatives were allowed to return to our spaceship. They were to be clinically euthanized rather than infect the rest of us.”

“Secondly, we no longer believe that any friendship can exist between us as the mental mindset of your population seems to be one of utter paranoia. We only conclude this at the expense of all of our representatives, either through a lack of knowledge, as the first representative death revealed, or the suggested ‘accidental’ deaths of the rest of our people sent to converse with all of you.

“In the final summation, it doesn’t matter what the cause was, whether or not it was intentional, there will be no more direct communication between our two existences. “Visual, as well as aural communication, while safer at the onset, will also be curtailed due to the aggressive and equally paranoiac nature of your planet.

“As you sought to find our spaceship planet, you indicate your attempt to ‘draw a bead’ on us for future hostile actions. As stated, this is through our belief in your hostile natures. We expect that some of the peaceful traits of your planet may be genuine, but the larger forces of your minds seem to indicate that these feeble indications will be suppressed by those of paranoia and hostility.

“We bid your planet well, but only at the end of the proverbial ten foot stick. Perhaps someday we will re-address our actions and attempt to align our two Earth forces once again in the spirit of Peace.”


There was no sound after the tape quit running and the player went to a silent black background. There wasn’t even a hiss that would be there had the message been a live communication. This was a tape that had been transported by whatever means the alien-Earthlings had used to send their own people down to the surface. By tracing and copying and analyzing every minute millisecond of its use, we were working on creating our own version of it, for our uses.

By the time the shock had worn off and someone looked up at the screen for the image of the spaceship hovering outside of our planet’s protective atmosphere, it has vanished. It was unclear if it had simply used a cloaking device, hiding it from all of our sensors, or if it has used some unknown method of space flight to run quickly back to the home planet on the other side of the moon (If that was indeed where they were).

Oh yes, the space planet had been located there shortly after discovering its disappearance on this side of the moon. We hadn’t ever actually seen it after disappearing from all of our detectors, but we had located it. Quite logically, just as we locate planets and suns that we have no chance to see due to the distances and other obstructions, we found it by looking for something that wasn’t there. The lack of space, in this case, a lack of solar breeze as it blew around the surface of the planet-spaceship. It curved just as expected around the surface as it went around it, causing bends in the winds that we could detect through its radiological print. The area encircled was not emitting any radiation. It was a very odd thing to see in any part of space, but especially notable between two planets where the solar wind nearly swirled as the planets moved through it, (the Moon and the Earth that is).

The procedure wasn’t very developed. After taking a scan of the area between the Moon and the Earth, it had to be analyzed. After the computers had taken care of this, they returned to examine the ‘hole in space’, but by that time they couldn’t find anything. And through another scan of the same area, it also revealed the expanse of nothing. It confirmed the methods and the expectations of the scans, but didn’t do anything for their knowledge of where it had gone, or how it had gotten behind the Moon.

The scans were intensified, but there was also no trace of any energy other than that of solar radiation. Unlike Science Fiction, no traces of alien power generation could not be found. They only knew that it had moved fast enough to slip between the two scans. Once it was there, then it was not. The area of the scan wasn’t completely across the whole space between us and the Moon. It was a fairly narrow swath, limited by our ability to analyze the size of the scan. The Alien planet had escaped this swath between scans, leaving nothing, not even a power trail.

“That’s not so far, we could send a ship, or even better, a droid around the moon to scan without the interference of having to go around the moon.” The excited man from the space agency claimed. In fact, he was not much of a scientist, but his limited knowledge of space was enough for the government to send him into the space agency anyway. He had more knowledge about space and science than anyone else in the Defense Department, so he was the obvious choice. It was too bad that it wasn’t enough to really contribute to the advancement of space science. He served more as a conduit that determined where the government would send their money for the protection of the country.

Most countries also had their representatives within the Space Agency, a multinational construction that became less effective as these representatives began to outnumber the true scientists. If you wanted to really find something out, or discover something, you had to go to private agencies that paid their scientists much better. They never revealed their results to any other agency, especially those of larger countries.

His suggestion was orally voted on by a series of cheers and affirmative nods. They quickly began to search for a probe that could be modified and launched. It should take no more than a month at best. The biggest debate was whether it should be armed or not. So far the Aliens hadn’t displayed any sort of weapon, but with their technological advances, they must have developed something over the years, even if it had been accidental.

Barbara Blackcinder


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I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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