Extraterrestrial Earthlings 5A

An Alien Answers – Chapter Five

“Excuse me.” A pause failed to catch the attention of the forming group in front of the podium. “Excuse me.” The human at the podium insisted a little bit louder. The facilitator nearly jumped when the room became silent. The only noise he heard was that of the chairs being settled into.

The human on the stage began again. “As you must have heard by now,” he looked across the field of colorful dresses and hats, “The Aliens have given us stricter restrictions on the makeup of their audiences”. None of the twenty women needed to look at each other to understand what the change had been.

“Be assured that it was not a demand, but rather a request. They felt that they could accomplish more if the discussion was more civil. Thus we have limited the audience to twenty, ah, women.” He worked to tell them subtly, even though there was no surprise or disagreement visible. He could see that he had started badly already as their impatience was showing in their nervous movements; swinging their knees, pulling at the hems of their dresses, and fiddling with their hats in all sorts of ways. Mostly he could tell by the expressions on their faces. He couldn’t see a smile among them.

“So is he coming down or not?” a large woman asked abruptly. The white or very light tan dress had vertical stripes running down it that made a wide bend to extend around the curvature her bosom. He shuddered slightly, sure that she could take him in two out of three falls. He looked into the crowd deeper and realized than this was probably true of two out of the three of the women present.

“Well, yes, sort of..” he began stammering, “Ah, the next speaker is a.., an.., speaker three is a female of the species.” He finally determined. He knew the hardest part of his effort was finished, from now on they would talk to each other rather than listen to him make statements. He backed away from the microphone and went to the side door.

A small shock ran through the audience as the next speaker arrived through the door. The facilitator hadn’t seen the alien prior to now either. His shock was only because of his already elevated fear of women. The alien could have been placed in the audience and might never have been distinguished from anyone there. Aside from how this could possibly be, compared to the males of the species, he wondered how they could possibly have developed the same clothing? Surely they didn’t have the same materials in space as they do down here on Earth?

Contrary to the physicality of the male of the alien’s species, these didn’t seem to have lived in the same environment at all. He eased his confusion by remembering that most of the exterior of the aliens was a shell created to be acceptable by the humans. Accepting that fact, he was now sure that he could hold his own against one of the shell covered aliens that had exploding heads. Pretty sure anyway.

“We did not deceive you!” she blared out towards the female gallery. “Her voice” shook everyone. It had no female characteristics whatsoever. It was like having one of the male aliens talking through the mouth of this female example. “We have since moved due to your extraordinary curiosity to see our ship in space.” She continued with a loud and forceful voice. It was so forceful that it came very close to shouting, and was definitely aggressive and intimidating as well.

“Where did you go?” was asked. “Yeah, where did you go then?”

“LET’S NOT LET THIS ONE ESCAPE!” was yelled across the room by one of the largest women who was front and center, right in front of the suddenly petrified alien woman. Her uniform was large, her face stern, and her voice once loud, but she knew that inside she had an alien body that could not take any pummeling from an Earthling, not even a female one.

At that cry several husky women jumped forward to physically restrain the alien.

Perhaps they thought that it was like a Star Trek episode, where being physically connecting to the alien would either stop them from transporting, or that it would bring the humans to the spaceship if she dared attempt to leave. They attempted to completely surround her, nearly smothering it with their tremendous bosoms. The alien woman disappeared from sight.

Perhaps they also hadn’t heard of the demise of the second alien.

The popping sound was very muffled as the women jostled for a better hold on the alien’s uniform, possibly wanting to insure that they would be the one transported. Their struggles ended with the sound of the pop though, it being very loud to them as it occurred right in their ears as they hugged the uniform.

Fighting the grip of those on the outside of the was difficult. The sound wasn’t anything notable to them and they retained their grip on the mass in the middle. Eventually the inner grip of women managed to push themselves away from the alien. They stretched their arms out and peered into the facepeice of the uniform at arm’s length.

They all gagged in unity as they witnessed the gross scene of green and brown and red mingled in a mixture that only a mass murderer could enjoy. It covered the helmet’s clear front with the explosion inside of it, then began running down with gravity, making sickening streaks of comingling colors. They could almost smell the colors as they ran down the face shield.

Just as the faces of the women were turning green and light shades of purple, gobs of yellowish brain material began dropping onto the face shield. It stuck to the interior surface and seemed to roll down the front of it, clearing it for a view of the interior just briefly. Those closest to it could see mostly reddish material fluttering in the liquids while a mass of white structural materials could be seen sticking out in various directions, undoubtedly bone material.

The area was cleared quickly as the room filled with excretions of the closest women, in turn triggering their own reactions outside of the circle. Soon the room was cleared as those able to use their feet ran to the ladies room with hands held over their mouths. The floor was littered with the retching bodies of the women who had captured the multicolored display inside the suit, and were the most exposed to it as well.

Even the guards couldn’t come close to the oral disaster as they were just as susceptible to the odor filling the room instantly. The bravest, and those with the strongest stomachs covered their faces with the sleeves of their coats and one-handedly pulled the women off of the stage and away from the largest area of contamination.

The guards were strong, well-built women hand-picked for their ability to control the crowd should they have a repeat of the roughhousing of the men in previous days, but they had to give up their own protection to use both hands to drag as they got further away from the alien body. Their faces were very reddened and it looked like they wouldn’t make it themselves as they made their way to the doors left open by the first wave of exiting women.

One poor woman, not being retrieved by the guards, still lay on the edge of the stage. It was not possible to tell if she was breathing as she lay with her head sideways, her mouth turned towards the edge of the stage where it had been emptied into the seating area. She had been exposed to the awful smell of the cracked helmet, breathing in the stench of exploded alien brain.

Finally she gasped, drawing in a huge breath. But the inhalation filled her lungs and caused her to roll over the edge and fall a couple feet into the seats. She grunted then pushed herself up with her arms. Her feet were pulled under her and she half-crawled, half walked to the open door.

The female alien’s body sagged in the seat, one arm caught over the back of the chair and keeping her from falling to the floor. The face of the helmet was pointed downward, no longer displaying it’s grotesque interior. But it did have a hardening line across it where the interior liquid had leaked and solidified as it came in contact with the air.

It was fortunate or the cleaners would never had been able to cleanse the room after the body had been removed. It sealed the stench (of the alien anyway), and luckily hadn’t been disturbed by the masked and self-contained air uniformed firefighters (who had been volunteered by the way) who put it into a sealed container for removal. They had been kept in the area after the first alien explosion.

Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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