Adam, oh Adam, have I goofed?

(God with his tongue-in-his-cheek )

He hesitated, something God should never be capable of, something unnecessary because it was known before it happened, as everything is to him. In a flash he saw the result of his thought. The thought being free will. Once given, it could not be taken away, it’s reactions and consequences could not be stopped. Nothing short of Divine Intervention of course. But this would not be done. “How do you contradict God.., even if you are God?” he wondered.

He watched as apple blossoms suddenly appeared on the boughs of several trees. They sprung wide and opened into beautiful pink flowers. They beckoned his soul with their soft pedals, he even impressed himself. The day bloomed brighter than any other before it. It was the only thing he was going to take a direct hand in from now until eternity, and only he knew when that was.

Wanting to see his effort in action, even knowing the outcome, he began slowing the passage of time itself. Eons became centuries, those turned into years. He would leave it to future generations to divide those up to their own determinations.

An erect figure sprung from his mind, soon to be followed by a companion. Their attraction was immediate (not surprising with the unavailability of any other similar beings). He expected an automatic reaction turning into the Love that he had inspired, but somehow they didn’t quite respond exactly as expected. He felt the touch of his own hand in it, knowing he could not change it, or at least, would not, now that he had decided his course of action; free will that is.

Before long, in their perception of time, they had broken the very first rule he had given them. There was no doubt they had heard him, his voice did not depend on anything aural, it was spoken directly into their being. Yet, he watched as they broke his commandment.

Bolts of lightning shot across the sky in a spectacular event that would never be rivaled again until the end of time. The raw electricity tingled every atom of his new world, transforming it very minutely, but infusing it with an decrease in the passage of time.

Hunger developed in the belly of all beasts. They began snarling and seeking an end to this new pain. In anger another beast was killed and its flesh consumed. It became the norm across his creation. It wasn’t his intention, but he had to allow it as it was because of his determination after all. He thought of peeking into the future, but wouldn’t allow himself to do it, and he couldn’t deny that he already knew it anyway.  He could end it all instantly if he wished, but that would end his pact of free will. He couldn’t go back on his own word. He thought that perhaps he had overreacted a little. But only he knew for sure.

Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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