The Aliens Have Taken Over The Book Industry!!

Caution:  This is a long piece…..

We have all pondered the existence of Aliens on our universe, on our planet, in our country or state, in neighborhoods, and undoubtedly in your very own families. Well, this isn’t really very important, especially the last one. Have any of us ever doubted at some time or another that our brothers or sisters were alien creatures?

What we really need to question is not who we are having corn flakes with in the morning, or who is sending us up one at a time for anal probing. Obviously if they are only probing us and not killing us or confiscating our bodies for its remaining lifetime, they must have a set of laws or morals that restricts them from going beyond these behaviors. So why should we fear them? Our very own doctors have their way with our anuses every year after we turn fifty years old, and no one suspects them of being Aliens.

But now that I mention that, I’m beginning to wonder why I heard so much giggling coming of the exam room where I worked. It never seemed to be the patient. I suppose that having a higher intelligence than most Humans, the Aliens could easily have become doctors long ago.

We might fear that they would become politicians, striving to direct the people of a country through legislation and eventually taking over country after country to create a web of alien control until the whole planet had been subverted. This was clearly a very inefficient system that never had a chance to work.

The first problem had been the length of term for all political positions. Just as human representatives have to campaign continually to remain in office, so would their alien parallels. Second in difficulty would be the financial backbone of our political systems. While the Aliens could surely print enough money to run lower level campaigns, the money of big business would be needed to overtake a larger political positions such as those at the state or federal level.

Being immoral themselves, having it tied strictly and incessantly to their bank books, the corporate heads would quickly recognize the moral quantity of the Aliens as they failed to enact laws that only served the rich. Soon money would be pulled and the position would go to other candidates who would better serve their money grubbing necessities. Of course they would never actually realize that they were Aliens of course, just some more socially bent liberals or something equally dangerous.

Having the intelligence of many many years of existence, it wouldn’t take them long to realize that taking over the monetary system was necessary before they could subvert the planet. Politics were still necessary since they had to take over in a peaceful fashion, their moral predilections that determined this. Had they wanted to take it over with the use of weapons, killing anyone in their way, they surely would have brought with them. Their laser annihilators that surely have been around forever on their planet and on their ships, and are probably even pointed at our large cities from space as we speak.

Which industry they would choose became obvious very quickly. Any sort of hostile takeover was out of the question, even as it was the quickest method, as man had found out himself many times over. They couldn’t waste time building up our technology to be used against us, it would just take too long. It would also be noticed when our abilities climbed astronomically and with sudden bursts. Whoever was reading the charts would easily notice a skyward jutting of the lines marking our progress in various fields of expertise. They might have done it this way anyway, letting us blame each other and threatening to ruin each other for breaking the moral or ethical laws between countries. But afterward the technology would have to ruin people in one way or another, creating another with the possibility killing or wounding very many of them. Once again their morality would stop them from using this route to suppression.

We are a slow species compared to their own. There isn’t any comparison to each other when one of us has been around for hundreds or millions of centuries more than the other. Everything we do, be it doing physical work and manipulation, or just thinking itself, is extremely slow, and therefore very frustrating to them to have to deal with on a daily basis.

The only answer is they could deal with morally and ethically was to teach us faster. Time was on their side in this instance. Surely they could withstand how long it would take since they have been around for so many centuries already. What could be painful about a couple more?

Clearly our literary establishment had to be driven into hyper drive and we would have to be schooled at an accelerated rate. Every aspect of it would have to be cleaned up and hurried before they all lost their alien minds!

While schools were a prime target for a while, they ran into the politicians once more. First it was the perhaps well-meaning presidents of the United States. He initiated a policy that would hopefully make education improve our children. What it actually did was to make it slow down due to being one more government program adding to the burden of teachers and education systems. The money makers smiled in their limousines as more money was promised to the schools, only to  be voted down long  before it was actually paid out to them. But the policy still went forward, without funding, and only its handicaps holding onto the supposed improved system. To make it worse, more programs were thought of and initiated until improving the intelligence of any country would be stalemated for years.

The Aliens couldn’t wait forever, even they had limitations. The job had to be done separately from governments, and separately from corporations as well. It was rumored that two Aliens simply collapsed to the floor and died within seconds of hearing the “money was the root of all evil.” The blast of common sense was just too much of a shock for their intelligent minds.

A problem existed. The literary society was run by a multitude of corporations. Not only was there a number of them that seemed to fight each other for control of the written media, but they also seemed to run in a careful coordination of collusion as well. This had to be avoided just as much as the political systems.

Luck, as it always does, came to the rescue. A separate vision, one that would deal with individuals across a single country, suddenly sprang into a huge dynamic force. One effort was being made to give the Humans better communication within their countries. The surprise had been that the limitations of countries borders wasn’t nearly as confining as they had believed. Humanness seemed to have its own standing in the eyes of the Aliens. Somehow, despite the borders, the endless wars, and even between individual cities, they could communicate to each other as though all of these things had never existed. The internet jumped borders, and eventually oceans as well. Improving the electronics of the other communication system, the telephone system, yielded equally surprising results. Even before the Aliens could realize it had happened, the whole world was talking to each other, and soon the corporations had out maneuvered each other and those calls would be free if certain methods were used.

While slow on the uptake of the communication system, they didn’t miss a thing when it came to making that success happen in the field of intelligence. While talking to each other unrestricted was a great leap forward for people of all countries, the Humans still had to be taught to learn faster. Their own system of learning outside of schools, which only the young participated in anyway, was reading.

One might expect them to jump into the publishing field of newspapers, or even mass media, but they were smarter than that. Newspapers were nearly as opinionated as individuals, but with a bend towards their owners, corporations. Electronic Mass Media, well, that was an egg rotted long before they took a look at it and threw up. It was nothing more than several corporations fighting with each other over viewership, all the while dictating what stories were going to be highlighted, and how much the story would be slanted to their own view to rake in viewership, and thus to turn it into money for their banks.

It was only a matter of time before the gullible public would stop watching all the news channels that preached rather than informed and the whole system would be subjected to the same humbling crash as the phone companies. Unfortunately the banks were already filled with their money, just waiting for the next method to cleverly cheat more money out of the general populations.

Which brings us back to the publishing industry (after quite a spell since I brought it up). The Aliens, always aware, connected the two basic concepts that had been demonstrated to them. One, was that intelligence had to be increased without political and government assistance and obstruction, as well as that of corporations supposed help, and its hindrances. The second was that the corporations own greed could be used to bring the existing structure down rather handily.

They had demonstrated it several times, especially those dealing with the supposed increase of intelligence and communication. Once a monopoly, or at least a corporation limited only by its own greed and naivety, the phone system had been ripped out of their hands and put into several hands, many of which were not yet corporations. Other mass media could be abused also until it too slipped between their fingers.

The published book industry was ripe for plucking. Not only that, but it was a nearly moral entity that they wouldn’t even have to compromise their own standards for while subverting it for their own purpose. The books of the industry had became moral due to the pressure of the people reading them injecting their own morals, both in demands that even the politicians couldn’t deny, with or without corporation money, and by choosing what they would read individually. Even corporate money couldn’t deny that they had to sell books that were wanted.

The book industry was ripe by virtue of an easy connection. The explosion of communications, nearly without corporate restrictions so far, combined with the thousands of frustrated and disillusioned authors who couldn’t overcome the corporations holding all the cards when it came to their attempts to publish. Many had given up, never even attempting to ride against the mountainous tide of big money and tight-fisted control. Some were battered by the waves and drown, injured, or never seen from again. A few climbed the hill, lucky enough to catch a big industry publisher’s eye long enough for them to realize what they were looking at as a profit making possibility.

They introduced the Internet system to the world in a virtual instant. Suddenly you could publish a book, or a poem, without having to run legal and financial circles that were dictated by the big industries and their big money. It soon became apparent to millions of people that this system was not only friendly to the author who just wanted to be heard, but was also infinity more profitable as well. Selling a book for a dollar could produce more wealth long before the adding up of the pennies dropped between the fat fingers of a corporation and their wealthy owners.

Eventually the corporations would see their headstrong policy was going to bankrupt them in short order and change, at least one would hope they would. While the system may revert with the attempt of the big money to distort it, hopefully the Aliens would have gotten their agenda well into gear before this could happen. They certainly were going to interfere before the corporations did.

Aliens were still contemplating their next actions as they began putting their kind of people into prominent positions within the new industry. Today, a few writers who are sympathetic to their cause are aided by increases in their publicity, as well as the buying of a number of books. This is especially effective by showing that supporting a system of selling cheap books by the millions is better than selling a few books for much more per book, which makes the industry millions of dollars instead of the author.

Of course, becoming the authors themselves helped; spreading new concepts in technology and morals and teaching throughout the world nearly instantaneously. The next best thing was also to spread into the business of  bloggers, another group of individuals who could publicize the authors and the rest of the new publishing system. It was a sure thing that they wouldn’t become perverted for a long long time, especially if they were Aliens to begin with. It didn’t matter much anyway. As a new corporation grew, the Aliens could slide into the structure no matter how it developed, while it was developing, and change it in the direction they wanted it to go anyway.

So far the subversion of this new industry was working well. It seems that even admitting that you are an alien wasn’t even enough to get people to ask questions. They had hit upon the right group of people. They were never too surprised by anything, nor were they ever very judgmental. They  expected the creative people among us to have a few quirks, whether alien to us or not.

Suddenly the Aliens had to ponder what it was they were trying to accomplish. If they succeeded, what would be the difference between themselves and the Humans? Interplanetary travel was hardly a significant difference, and it wouldn’t last forever anyway. The years of advancement would also be washed away as the Humans developed to their level.

Since they didn’t live forever any more than the Humans did, it would have to be a question passed along to future generations of Aliens. In the meantime they wondered if someone had forgotten to tell them something about the nature of their world and its intentions.

Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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8 Responses to The Aliens Have Taken Over The Book Industry!!

  1. Jane Watson says:

    I agree, this is so inventive and so timely in the issues it explores. Put it aside for a little while and then look at it again. Having a short break will enable you to see what could be tweaked or smoothed. You don’t need an ‘editor’. You can do your own editing when you look at it with ‘fresh’ eyes. Writing is re- writing. It’s a process and most importantly it’s your process. Don’t give it away yet for ‘editing’. Not until you’ve re-engaged with the work. It’s a great piece, Barb 🙂

  2. Thanks for the praise Alex. I will have to see if an editor can straignten it out for me.

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  7. I think you’ve got the beginning of a masterwork here.

    Some editing for flow and consistency and I feel you should even give a go at submitting it to a few magazines 🙂

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