The Fading Moon

The Moon is out

The Sky is blue

I don’t know why

I am in a state of lethargy.

It seems a mist

A circular one

Standing in my sky

I see but don’t know why

The heavens are still there

The ground is beneath them

Seeing through Death’s eye

I don’t know why

The air I breath is clear

I don’t see that either

But it makes my lungs fill

For a short while still

I am out in a field

Lying on a bed

Being in a room was

Gloom and so much zoom

As the night presses on

My visions close to near

My eye is for a tear

Oh dear, my dear, you’re here.


Barbara Blackcinder


About Barbara Blackcinder

I thank my followers very much and hope I continue to write interesting pieces for them.
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