You say you don’t believe in a Being on High

And quite frankly, I can see many reasons why

It depends on faith, a mysterious quality

That can’t be summed up to humans like you and me

It’s a myth that has been brought down through the years

It has failed to calm the shedding of tears

It certainly hasn’t lessened the overwhelming fear

And the dying and suffering of those we hold dear

Yet it seems to me odd that you protest its existence

If something doesn’t exist, why the insistence?

Why struggle so hard against the unbelieved wall

To me such force makes no sense at all

And yet despite any showing of relief from our Gods

They have always been there, millions have given their nods

It is truly your call if you don’t believe in something unseen

A God who allows death, pain, and other suffering

But why did the heavens open at the end of the second World War

Papers were signed, no more bombs, no killing, nothing in store

The clouds parted to shine sunlight on us all

Perhaps saying that we had finally made the right call

Perhaps God is subtle, after all, he’s been around a million years

And we wouldn’t learn without a few sprinkled tears

His hand held back by the promise of giving free will

His word still unbroken, as it is ever true still

If we lack the patience to wait for him to tell us all

To work our way through our stumblings and falls

He must pass also on telling those of you

Who also can’t wait for his guidance so true.

Not The End


About Barbara Blackcinder

I am a poet/writer with a need for words. There are so many out there that I haven't used yet. They define all reality and mine when you read those from me.
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2 Responses to Atheisticism

  1. Barbara,

    I think you well know why I find this poem Important and I must say I hope Millions read it!!

    Two lines especially moved me:

    “If something doesn’t exist, why the insistence?”


    “His hand held back by the promise of giving free will”

    • Thank you for all of your comments. I liked those lines a lot also. And, I give you any freedom you wish as far as my writings are concerned, re-publishing, handing out to others, whatever you think it deserves, I trust your judgement in these matters more than I would myself. Thanks again. Barbara

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