NapoWriMo 13 – Reliable Tools


I cast aside the idea spreader in my fingered bone structure

contemplate rhythmic variables

putting them within iambic marginal features

and request from the Gods that I am understood

But my mental sensibilities deter my inner workings

I put my frustration enabler machine on the four-legged elevator

pick up my idea spreader once again from it’s cedar wood enclosure

and relocate my tablet of ancient papyrus for further work.

Stupid computers!!


Barbara Blackcinder


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NapoWriMo 6 –  ‘Tis The Season


Earthy colors, muted by cold, shattered by winter

Shredded greens, crushed by snows

Abstracted intensities, worn by the winds

Silenced animals, hidden below ground, southward bound


Slow warm currents rise, moving cold aside

Drifting breezes roll, storming no longer

Warm air gusts, dissolving the earthbound blanket

Shattering thunder  , breaking the imprisoning ices


Under the last of winter’s blanket a warm rain, the frozen grounds thaws

Beneath their cold, hard barriers plants emerge

combining and turning northward, overhead flocks wings spread

Out of dens and tree top holes, Heads emerge


Barbara Blackcinder

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NapoWriMo 4 –  A Looney String


One oh one

Rhymes sure can be fun

And well done


Two over two

May be enough for you

And will do


Three plus three

Is getting intense you see

Enough for me?


Four and four

Is more and still more

Not done though


Five oh five

I’m so beginning to strive

Rhymes still survive


Lune to lune

That is the final tune

Ending so soon


Barbara Blackcinder

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NapoWriMo 3 – Combined and Merged


A professor steeped in the magic of knowledge

And a little bit of my own experience gained

Mixed together in a swirl of thoughts

Ideas merged in intelligence rained

And with more to learn than I’ll ever grasp

Over years collected and then remained


Barbara Blackcinder

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NapoWriMo2  -  Three Fears Out of Thirteen


I don’t trust that ladder leaning over there

It seems to be intimidating me to no end

So around it I walk with great care

Hoping no luck it’s presence will send


But as I go around it’s a black cat I see

Travelling across my path as I go

So in fright I must turn and flee

Because it’s just bad luck you know!


But in my hurry I step onto the walk

And onto a crack that I missed as I strode

I could only hope that no one would talk

To my mother who’s back upon which I rode


But she crossed her chest and threw some salt

Mumbled something that I barely heard

And happily told me that it wasn’t my fault

And it was finished without another word


But the ordeal wasn’t quite finished yet

That same damned cat I met again soon

While taking my mother’s dog to the vet

Nearly stepping on it, I fell into a swoon


So I worry now of a ladder I have yet to face

One that springs on me across a walk

And I take corners wide looking for a trace

And seldom combine steps as I talk.


Barbara Blackcinder

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NapoWriMo1 – Self Confession


My eyes are wide but blinded by light

So I raised my hands to shield them from the glare

My fingers were transparent with fright

I dropped to my knees, my hands still in the air


I closed my eyes to ease the hurt and pain

Pressed my hand’s heels deeply into the sockets

Still the harmful rays of light did remain

Sending sharp shards and tears like blinding rockets


Finally I spoke the words I dreaded to hear

Profoundly stated in a not-so-holy book

The black clothed scrap of it I found in the rear

Searching where before I had also feared to look


Speaking the last words to complete the chant

I pulled my hands from my face despite loosed fears

Hoping that my wish had received a grant

I was still sure my face remained stained with tears


Unbelievable, not sensational at all

I confessed in a phrase lacking a story

That allowed me to stand without pain or a fall

I simply admitted that I was sorry


Barbara Blackcinder

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NapoWriMo 5 – A Frosting of Snow


With regrets I contemplate The

Path I’ve chosen along the way

But I can’t deny it was part of a

Life that never flew as a crow


So when my anger shook

And nothing right shook down

I had to continue wearily on

Despite how much it rained on me


And so life that I contemplate the

Path that has more than sharing the dust

And so little of joy from the pleasure of

Happiness in the endless hills of snow


Travelling into and emerging from

Tunnels filled with grief from a

Forecast of death with a sprig of hemlock

Or the dangling of feet from a hemlock tree


But poetry as writing as always has

Put into me hope the poem has given

From my thoughts and poetry that my

Mind cannot deny comes from my heart


And I spread it wide with thrills and a

Willingness to make so positive a change

Without the dreaded presence of

Too many clouds, precious of mood


And so I go on rhyming, chanting and

Feel my life is forever altered and saved

Just in part of words and working some

Words and plans with I must some part


To be separated from the awful thoughts of

Not continuing with life so filled of a

Task to fill each page that is a day

Such as the month of April that one day I

Feared was without hope and I had

Nothing at all that truly I rued


Barbara Blackcinder

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